You need to find the letters G I R L S R O O M to escape this room.


Zoom in on the right top window. The G is in the pink square on the right.


Zoom in on the cushions. The I is between the red and the  green cushion on the left.


Zoom in on the books under the phone. You’ll find the R on the green book in the middle.



Zoom in on the red and pink boxes in the cupboard on the left. The S is in the red box.


Zoom in on the yellow/green plate in the middle above the desk. A purple R is left, on the side of the cupboard, just behind the first R (if you already have this) in your inventory.


Zoom in on the pictures on the desk. In the right top corner of the picture with purple frame is a blue spot. That is your O.


Zoom in on the seat of the chair. On the left of the chair the light blue spot on the floor is the O.


Zoom in on the green box with the yellow, green and blue lines. Ignore the M in the yellow square of the picture. The M you need is behind the first green line on the box.

Now you found all the letters, you can leave the room by clicking on the word ESACAPE in the right top corner of your screen.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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