Now that everyone’s gone, you’re bored.

In the desert, the troopers are one man short and coincidently you show up. So you must be their front man. But you need to go to town first to get a canteen, a tent and some guns. Walk to the left to enter town. Talk to the man in front of the general store and ask what he has for sale. It’s fabric and some liquid. Ask about the barrels to find out what;s really in it. Ask for some fabric and when it comes to paying, he won’t put it on your tab. You need to go to the bank for some credit.

Talk to the bank teller left of the general store and ask for credit. He’d like to see some shiny yellow first as collateral. On the ground in front of the bank is a ROCK. Pick it up. Talk to the prisoner on the right of the general store. He has a canteen and only wants to give it to you for food. Walk to the right and in front of the bakery is a catdish. Take the MEAT from the dish and then take the BOWL.

Talk to the painter on the ladder and ask for some paint. Although he’s thirsty, he can’t leave the paint. Use the doors of the saloon and talk to the man next to the blackboard. He wants you to play a game and if you win you can have his guns. Agree to play.  To win the game make sure on each row stays at least one bar:

– take one from the third line
– take one from the first line
– take three from the second line
– take one from the first line

clear the rest if necessary.

You win the game and get the GUNS. Take the CUP from the bar and walk to the south to leave. Walk to the left and return to the general store. Talk to the man again and let your mug get filled with WHISKEY. Walk further to the left and use the trough next to the train station to find a SINEW. Give the meat to the vulture. He’ll land.  Walk to the left of the vulture and use the bird to get some of his FEATHERS.

Walk to the right and talk to the painter. Tell him about your drink and he’ll leave. Use the rock from your inventory on the paint to make a yellow shiney. Walk to the left to the bank and talk to the bank terller about the yellow stone. He’ll give you a voucher for CREDIT. Walk to the right and talk to the shopkeeper of the general store about the FABRIC. He’ll give you some.

Walk all the way to the right and take some BERRIES from the bush. Enter the saloon again and talk to the lady at the table. She can make a tent for you if you can get the man at the bar to leave. Talk to the man at the bar and learn why he is sad. So he’s scared of indians!

Walk to the south to leave the bar. In your inventory use the berries with the dish to make a dye. Use the feathers with the sinew to make an Indian headdress. Use the headdress with the dye and you’re disguised as an indian. Enter the saloon again and talk to the man at the bar again to scare him and he’ll leave. Talk to the lady at the table again and she’ll make you a TENT. Now only a canteen.

Walk to the south to leave the saloon and walk to the left. There’s someone in the street who will talk to you and ask if you want to bring the lunch to the mayor. There’s something strange about the man but agree to take the lunch anyway. Instead of going to the mayor, go to the prisoner. Talk to him to give him the food. He won’t give you the canteen (he isn’t in prison for nothing) but after he dies, just take the CANTEEN.

You have everything so walk all the way to the left to return to the troopers. Then a shootout starts. You need to shoot the coloured guys and avoid the blue ones. Since this is arcade style, there’s no help with the shooting. When you’ve won, the troopers can’t help you with the teleporter. But they can get you  to New York where someone might be able to help…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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