You need to find the letters D O L L H O U S E to escape this room.


In the upper part of the stairs on the left of your screen is a very little blue spot. That is your D.


Zoom in on the 4 pictures above the stairs. The O is in the right top corner of the purple frame.


Zoom in on the window. You’ll find the L in the middle of the frame.


Zoom in on the top part of the wardrobe. The L in right heart is the one you need.


Zoom in on the mirror. On the side of the hanging cupboard is a pink line. That is the H.


Zoom in on the desk. In the biggest circle of the cactus is the O.


Zoom in on the drawer of the wardrobe. The U is in the right handle.


Zoom in on the bed. The S is in the right bottom corner of the purple pillow.


Zoom in on the chicks on the floor. In the left eye of the biggest chick is the E.

Now you found all the letters, you can leave the room by clicking on the word ESCAPE! on the top of your screen.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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