The door is locked so you volunteer to crawl to the vent.

In the lower left corner is a welding rod that you can pick up. As soon as you have it, use it on the plate next to the elevator door to open it. On the pipeline is a lever that should be in the middle position so if it’s not, use it to set it. Now that the waterflow is stopped, use the welding rod again but this time on the corner of the pipe next to the panel you opened earlier.

You’ve made a small hole in the pipe. Now use the lever on the pipe again and push it upwards to the ‘hot’ position. This will blow up the can of compressed air in the compartment. Use the doors to walk through and find two guards on the other side. Use the intercom to distract them and then use you axe on the wires on the wall to cut the power and make it dark.

In the dark you can capture the two guards and now you only need to open the door. On the wall are three buttons but none of them seem to react with the door. Talk to the door to open it and you can join your fellow prisoners. With the truck you drive into the escape pod. Now you must fly the pod through the maze to the exit. It’s an arcade sequence so not much help here. But you have to try if you want your freedom..

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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