Now that Jimi is killed, you need to go further on your own.

Against the rock with bloodstains, there’s a green CAN. Pick it up and use it on the hole in the center of the bloodstains. This will take care of the monster. And of Jimi’s head. Use the console to the right of the head to step into a very dark room. Where the lit path ends is a metal door you can’t open just like that.

At chest height, just before the door on the right is an eye scanner. But you can’t use your own. Use the door opening on the left to return to the other room and use the head to take the EYE out. Use the console again to go to the dark room again and use the eye on the eye scanner to unlock the door.

You want to see CJ and it takes some time to convince the people but eventually you can move on. First you need to regenerate. Talk to the doctor and he’ll tell you what to do. Use the cactus under the beam to learn more about it. Then walk to the left and leave the room. Talk to the man with the gun to find out more about the people who survived and about CJ. He’ll tell you that CJ is down the stairs.

Use the stairs to climb down and you’ll find CJ. Talk to him several times until you can tell him about the time jumper. But to get back, you need the jump valves first. And you need a power source. Walk to the right to leave the basement and upstairs go to the left to enter the storage room. The light is flickering but the moments you can see, use the first box on the right to take the JUMPING VALVES out.

The Mihail will step into the room. Talk to him to find out how he found you and then tell him he can shoot you. He won’t just like that. At the moment the lights switch off, use the vent to your left to escape. In the next room you’ll find one dead guy and when you walk to the right, you’ll find the doc shot as well. Take the CACTUS and return to the left.

Use the ladder to go to the basement to find that CJ is gone. But he left a KEY. Pick it up and walk to the right to climb the ladder again. Use the key on the hatch left of the ladder and you’ll repair the machine with the time jumper. Just after you’ve finished, Redgrave enters the room. You’ll be teleported just in time but aparently the jumpers didn’t work as it should.You’ll end up on a white screen.

After what seems to become an endless loop, a blue cup appears. Use the blue cup to show the desktop. Within the development environment, click on File and then Exit. It’s game over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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