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Duke Stanley: National Hero In The 30 Minute War – Walkthrough (DontTreadOnMe/2005)

By Leon | March 11, 2010

Duke Stanley: National Hero In The 30 Minute War Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

An atomic missile is about to be launched and you have very little time to prevent it.

Use the lock picks on the handcuffs to free your hands. You can now move again. Run to the right and look at the circuit box to the right of the red machine. Open the circuit box and read the message. It’s no use flipping  the switches because they only control the lights. Use the handcuffs on the transformer left of the switches to cause a short.

Your comm are back up and after some status info about the blast doors, you talk to Grant. Ask him more about the blast doors and how to open them. He’ll tell you about the control panel and the damage. At least you’ve gained some time. Run to the elevator on the left.

Pull the red CABLE hanging on the right of the elevator and take it to the control panel on the left. Use the panel and select option 3: close the silo doors. This will gain you another 5 minutes.

There are wires broken. Left of the wires is a pipe spilling fuel. Use the wheel on the right to close the fuel supply and the pipe won’t spill anymore. Use the red cable on the broken wires to repair them and then  use the panel again to stop the lock down. Next problem is the fuel pump.

Walk to the red machine on the left. It’s the control panel for the backup pump. Use the machine to shut it down.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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