You are Donnie and are asked to mail a letter. Look at the desk. The LETTER is there. Take it, it needs to be delivered. Look at the drawers on the left side. Open them to find a PAPERCLIP. Leave the house.

Walk to the left to get to the map. Since the letter had to be delivered to the Sparrow Residence, select that on the map.

On the left of the driveway is the mailbox. Use the letter and put it in the mailbox. Sometimes things can be easy. But we’re not done yet. There’s something wrong at the Aero Theatre. Walk back to the right to go to the map and select the theatre on the map.

Look around and look at the marquee. No announcements. Talk to the theatre guy and ask him about the marquee. So the movies were banned and the reels were taken to the Middlesex Church for a meeting. Let’s see what we can find there. Walk back to the left and select the church on the map.

Use the front doors of the church and attend the meeting. When Kitty is done talking and asks if anyone wants to add something, talk to her.

Tell her the films shouldn’t be banned and when she asks for a reason tell her that they aren’t that bad. When she asks you if you’ve seen them, tell her yes and ask her if she did. She must confess she didn’t and this is where the discussion starts. They are all too occupied that you can use the door in the back of the church to go downstairs. Here, on the table are the confiscated REELS. Take them and go back upstairs again.

Leave the church and walk to the south to the map. From there select the theatre and give the reel to the theatre guy. So now one more thing… the mall.

Walk to the left and go to the mall on the map. Use the entrance to go inside and talk to the guy standing there. Ask him what’s wrong and learn about his problem. He’ll give you the PLIERS to have a go at the lock. Look at the plants on your left. They are plastic but still one of the TWIGS is loose. Take it, you never know.

Walk further to the left and find the shop. The outside has a barricade but you can see the lock through it. Use the paperclip with the twig and then the pliers on the twig. Use the extended ‘key’ on the lock and open the barricade. Another job done.

Time to go home and get some sleep.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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