Sam really has to stop playing the piano! He’s driving you nuts!

Talk to Sam and ask him nicely to stop. He won’t. Then he must find out the hard way. Talk to Joe behind the bar. Since he’s still waiting for a raise, he’s not serving anyone anymore. But he’s no help either. Talk to the man in black. He’s just standing there.

Next to the man you can see some bulletholes in the bar. Look at them closely and then try to use the holes to see if you can get something out. Well, you can’t because a certain character is in the way. We need to get rid of him too.

Leave the bar. Outside talk to Marty. He doesn’t have any bullets either. Look at the streets. The street slopes slightly down. Now there are two ways to get rid of that shady character at the bar:

The long version:

Walk to the right past the booth and look at the pavement. There are loose tiles. Touch the loose tiles and you decide to take a STONE. Walk into the alley and you find a very long ROPE in the cabin. Use the rope with the rock and then hang the rope on the pulley you can see outside your window. Leave the cabin again and use the end of the rope to tie it to the hook in the pavement.

Go back into the alley again and use the buttons of the crane. This will lift the pavement causing the Rolls Royce to move. The man at the bar hears the noise, steps outside and runs after his car. He’s away from the bar.

The short version:

Look at the Rolls Royce. Go back inside and ask Mr. Shadow if it’s his car. He’ll confirm. Tell him you’ll go and check his car. Go outside again and notice the handbrake isn’t on. Use the Rolls Royce to push it slightly. The man at the bar hears the noise, steps outside and runs after his car. He’s away from the bar.

Since the man has left the bar, look at the holes again. Now you can take the BULLET out. Walk to the right bottom side of the bar to step into your office. Look at the picture and find your KEYS behind it. Use the keys on the desk to find Joe’s RAISE there. Walk outside and give the raise to Joe. Now he’s working again. Order a drink, the usual and get a glass of MILK.

Leave the bar and go to Marty again. Since he doesn’t have any bullets, he also doesn’t have the need for his gun. Give him the milk and he’ll feel much better. You get the GUN. Use the bullet with the gun.

Go back into the bar. To kill Sam either shoot him directly or aim at the heavy weight hanging above him.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I am stuck…..I attached the rope to the rock and now the rope can’t be disconnected nor connected to the pulley and as well I can’t push the car….just get message that I can’t do anything with it.
    All else done…have milk…gave barman bonus and have gun but since NOTHING is going to make the stranger move I can’t get bullets.

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