Note: I played the C64 version with WinVice. The original sourcecode of the game is here. The map of the game is also available.

Note: There’s an alien language used at the ship. Use this table to convert:


You’ve been beamed up into a spaceship.

READ SIGN to notice that you need to drop treasure at this location.  Your SCORE at the moment would be 0. TAKE MAGNETIC to pick up the boots, TAKE OXYGEN for the bottle and TAKE NYLON to pick up the spacesuit.


There’s not much space here so GO AFT to the rear of the ship. LOOK ATMOSPHERIC to see that there’s helium outside. So it’s better to CLOSE IRON door first before doing anything else. Now because of the fact that you’re about to leave the shuttle, WEAR NYLON and ATTACH OXYGEN to be able to breathe outside. OPEN HATCH to create access to the hull and then GO DOWN to the landing bay.

GO AFT to go to the central shaft and from here GO UP. From this floor GO UP again and then GO FORWARD into a corridor and GO FORWARD again into the tool room. TAKE CUTTING torch and LOOK TANK. That’s great, it’s welding gas! TAKE TANK.

You can only GO AFT and then GO AFT again to enter the storage room. GET METALLIC spacesuit and GO FORWARD to go back to the corridor. GO SPINWARD and GO AFT to reach the communications department.

There are several parts here. LOOK TRANSMITTER to see it has a lid and when you OPEN TRANSMITTER and LOOK again you can see a ruby crystal. TAKE RUBY to take it with you. Also have a LOOK CHART to see colors and numbers. This is the way the aliens count (from 0 to 9!)

0 – black / 1 – brown / 2 – red / 3 – orange / 4 – yellow / 5 – green / 6 – blue / 7 – purple / 8 – gray / 9 – white

GO FORWARD back into the corridor and GO UP into the central shaft.  Climb more: GO UP and to the back of the ship with GO AFT. In the corridor GO FORWARD into the recreation room.  GET JEWELED gaming pieces. From here GO ANTISPINWARD into the library. There are several things here but you only TAKE GLOBE.

GO SPINWARD to return to the recreation hall and from here GO AFT and GO AFT again. You’re now in the captain’s cabin. TAKE PAINTING and TAKE LIGHTER. Then LOOK LOG to see the word SAFE and a code. If you remember the previous notes with the colors you can read here 7-4-7 (read it as 0111 – 0100 – 0111 binary and it might make more sense).

GO FORWARD into the corridor, GO UP into the central shaft and GO DOWN one level. GO AFT into the corridor and GO FORWARD into the engine room. LIGHT CUTTING torch and CUT SHIELDING. Then DROP TANK and GET SHIELDING. You torch will go out otherwise it would take up unnecessary oxygen. You don’t need the cutter anymore so DROP CUTTING and DROP LIGHTER. Now GET TANK.

GO AFT into the corridor and GO UP into the central shaft. GO UP one floor into the shaft and the GO UP again. From here GO FORWARD into the corridor and GO FORWARD once more into the laboratory (at least that’s what the sign should say).

PLACE SHIELDING and when asked in what answer with LARGE machine. Time to drop off some treasure.  GO AFT back into the corridor and GO UP into the central shaft. GO DOWN to the lower level, GO DOWN again, GO DOWN once more and finally GO DOWN again. From here GO FORWARD into the landing bay. GO UP into the airlock. CLOSE HATCH to cut you off from the outside world.

OPEN IRON door to be able to GO FORWARD into the cabin of the shuttle. You’ll be running out of oxygen from your spacesuit soon so DROP NYLON. Now for the precious stuff: DROP RUBY (9/100), DROP JEWELED (18/100), DROP PAINTING (27/100) and DROP GLOBE (36/100).  Let’s get some more goodies.

GO AFT and CLOSE IRON door. OPEN HATCH and before you step outside, WEAR METALLIC spacesuit. Be sure to ATTACH TANK of oxygen before you go. GO DOWN to the landing bay and GO AFT to the central shaft. GO UP (5) five times in the central shaft until you reach the control deck. There are pushbuttons here and when you LOOK PUSHBUTTONS you can work out that there are 3: red is for power, green is for the tractor beam and blue is for the bay doors.

PUSH PUSHBUTTON and when asked what color answer RED. This switches on the power but also directly activates the intruder alert. You can now use the teleportation booths that you’ve seen all along. What is now clear is that the chart with numbers and colors you’ve read earlier, convert colors to numbers. Each room has a floor/wall color. Convert the color of the floor to a number and do the same for the wall. Combine the two and enter it on the keyboard to go there. For example: the observation deck has a brown floor (1) and a black wall (0).  Inside a booth PUSH KEYBOARD followed by 10 will send you to the observation deck.

One more thing: from now you can get killed! The droids you’ve seen along the way (numbered) are shooting at you. If you get hit it’s game over.

Now that you’re here, you might as well open the landing bay doors but be careful! If you don’t activate the tractor beam first, your ship will float away. So PUSH PUSHBUTTON and press GREEN to activate the beam and PUSH PUSHBUTTON followed by BLUE to open the landing bay doors.  GO BOOTH and PUSH KEYBOARD. Then type 23 and you’ll be at the security department. GO OUT of the booth and OPEN SAFE. When asked for the combination, enter 747. Now LOOK to see all the goodies. TAKE COINS, then TAKE RING of keys and TAKE PHASER. You can now fire back at the droids!

GO BOOTH to return to the teleportation device and PUSH KEYBOARD. When asked to which number, select 20 to travel to the laboratory. GO OUT of the booth and encounter droid #5. BLAST #5 and repeat this until you see the message that the droid is destroyed. There’s a button here and when you PUSH BUTTON you will see that the shielding has turned into gold. TAKE GOLD and GO BOOTH again.

PUSH KEYBOARD and key in 13 to get to the sick bay. There’s a cabinet here guarded by droid #4. GO OUT of the booth and BLAST #4 until it’s destroyed. When you try to OPEN CABINET you’ll find it’s locked. But since you took the ring with keys earlier, you can UNLOCK CABINET and OPEN CABINET. Since you now don’t need the keys anymore, you can DROP RING. As you LOOK again, you’ll find you can TAKE WIRE which is silver. There’s also a box with knob. TAKE GRAY box and TAKE IMMORTALITY serum that’s here as well.

There are more rooms to plunder so GO BOOTH and PUSH KEYBOARD. Then type 04. You’ll go to a vertical shaft. It’s a location so far you could only discover by try & error but is essential because from here you can GO OUT and GO DOWN into the mine and TAKE LUMPS of coal and TAKE TITANIUM pickaxe. From here GO UP and GO UP again to the surface of the asteroid where there’s a booth. GO BOOTH, then PUSH KEYBOARD. Select location 10 (also nowhere advertised) and you have reached the observation deck.

GO OUT of the booth and GO DOWN the stairs. GO DOWN once more to find the machinery room. There’s a press and when you LOOK PRESS you can see that it’s a carbon crystalizer unit (after error correction). Now you have carbon and you want crystal so … PLACE LUMPS and when asked in what, answer with PRESS.

You have to PUSH BUTTON to activate the press and when you LOOK again, you can see the diamonds. TAKE DIAMONDS. Return to the booth: GO UP and GO UP again then GO BOOTH. Time to leave this place. PUSH KEYBOARD and select 25 to return to the landing bay.

GO OUT of the booth. You can leave the droid alone but why not have fun while you’re here: BLAST #1 until it’s destroyed. GO UP the steps into the shuttle, then CLOSE IRON door. GO FORWARD into the cabin of the shuttle. DROP COINS (45/100), DROP IMMORTALITY serum (54/100), DROP DIAMONDS (63/100), DROP  GOLD (72/100), DROP TITANIUM axe (81/100) and finally DROP WIRE (90/100). That’s all the valuables that can be found.

To get out of the landing bay you need to deactivate the tractor beam. You can do that with the remote control you’re carrying all along (the box with knob). TURN KNOB will switch the beam off and PUSH SWITCH will launch your ship.  Your final score (100/100) will be revealed.




Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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