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Pyramid – Commodore64 Version – Walkthrough (Aardvark/1983)

By Leon | February 24, 2017

Pyramid Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

Note: I played the C64 version with WinVice. The sword sometimes didn’t register as being found resulting in only 3 out of 4.

You’re in a archaeologist’s hut.

READ SIGN to see that you’re supposed to find treasures. Type SCORE to find that there are 4 treasures to recover.  You see a knapsack. TAKE KNAPSACK, then OPEN KNAPSACK and to see what’s inside LOOK KNAPSACK. There’s a tincan, a pistol and a flashlight in there. TAKE SHOVEL and let’s start our journey.

GO NORTH. You’re on a path. You can go in all directions. GO NORTH again to find the pyramid steps. But there’s a huge heavy door and… it’s locked. Since you don’t have a key, you need to find another way in. TAKE VINES that are here and GO SOUTH again.

GO EAST into the desert. There are bananas, an aardvark and a monkey here. TAKE BANANAS. If you want to take anything else, your hands will be full so PUT BANANAS and when to ask where, put them in your KNAPSACK. Maybe it’s easier to carry anything in your knapsack then. PUT VINE and location will be KNAPSACK.  Now you can TAKE AARDVARK and PUT AARDVARK in your KNAPSACK.

Time to move on. There seems no way out because going north or south won’t get you anywhere. GO EAST back to the path and DIG. You’ll fall though a hole into a cavern. You don’t need the shovel anymore so DROP SHOVEL. Now what is that boat doing here? LOOK STREAM to see that is goes into a hole in the wall. If only you could keep the water in here. TAKE ROCKS and PUT ROCKS. When asked where, answer with HOLE. You’ve now blocked the plughole.

LOOK BOAT and you’ll see that the water starts to rise. GO BOAT to prevent drowning. You’re now on a lake. You can only GO SOUTH but when you try to, you’ll be notified that it’s too dark. So TAKE FLASHLIGHT from your knapsack and LIGHT FLASHLIGHT. There’s the monkey again! GO UP to find an altar and a sword. But from here you can only get back to where you came from.

TAKE SWORD and LOOK SWORD to see who it belonged to. PUT SWORD in your KNAPSACK. Then GO ALTAR. Now to continue you need to OPEN SESAME. The big clue was on the sword! You’ll end up dizzy and when you LOOK you’ll see you’re in a twisting corridor.

If you GO SOUTH you’ll stay in the twisting corridor but you’ll see an inscription. READ INSCRIPTION to see some secret message. Actually it’s not very secret if you shift the letters 1 position (B=A, C=B etc). This way you can read “Walls Have Secrets”. GO SOUTH once more to find a skeleton.

TAKE SKELETON and you’ll hear something drop. LOOK again and there’s a key. You don’t need the skeleton so DROP SKELETON but you want the key: TAKE KEY. Walk along the corridor: GO WEST. From here GO EAST, then GO SOUTH and GO EAST again. Still in the twisting corridor you’ll find a mummy here.  It won’t let you pass. A dead end? Not yet!

TAKE TINCAN from your knapsack and OPEN TINCAN. Then LOOK to see some matches. DROP TINCAN and TAKE MATCHES. Now to really get a dead end: BURN MUMMY. When you LOOK again, you only see the ashes. PUT MATCHES in your KNAPSACK and TAKE ASHES and you’ll notice something dropped. LOOK once more to see an amulet on the floor. TAKE AMULET.

Now that the mummy has disappeared, you can GO SOUTH where you’ll find a sarcophagus. LOOK SARCOPHAGUS to see the decipher key to your earlier message. OPEN SARCOPHAGUS and LOOK to find a death mask of gold. Since your hands are full, PUT AMULET in your KNAPSACK. Then TAKE DEATHMASK to bag your second artifact.

You can go into the sarcophagus into a dusty cellar but there’s nothing interesting there so GO NORTH back to the mummy remains and GO WEST into the twisting corridor. GO NORTH again and GO WEST again retracing your steps and GO WEST once more to the inscription on the wall. You now know what it says.

From here GO NORTH and GO EAST further into the corridor. GO EAST once more and then GO SOUTH. There’s graffiti on the wall and the floor feels funny. Be careful! On step south and you’re dead! READ GRAFFITI. Using the now familiar decipher code you can read “Three Treasures Here”. That means you’ve still got two more to find in these corridors.

GO NORTH to avoid the fall and go GO WEST. From here  GO SOUTH to reach what appears a dead end. PUSH WALL to notice it swings and when you LOOK again, you see that you now can GO SOUTH.

In this empty room you see rectangular lines on the floor. And a very small hole. When you LOOK HOLE you’ll see a lock mechanism. Time to bring out your magic key! Since your hands are full, DROP DEATHMASK (don’t forget to take it later!) TAKE PISTOL from your knapsack and OPEN PISTOL. There were bullets inside.  DROP PISTOL and TAKE BULLETS. Now OPEN BULLETS to reach the gunpowder.

DROP BULLETS and TAKE GUNPOWDER. Now PUT GUNPOWDER and when asked where, put then in HOLE. To set off the explosion, TAKE MATCHES from your knapsack and LIGHT MATCH. Then LIGHT GUNPOWDER and you’ll hear a big bang. You’ve created a big hole.

Before you go, DROP MATCHES and TAKE DEATHMASK. Now you can GO DOWN into the hole and reach a small ledge in a huge chasm. When you LOOK CHASM you see a dagger with jeweled handle. Nice to have but how to get it? Did you notice that monkey that’s following you around? That’s because of the banana. Now again, DROP DEATHMASK and TAKE VINE from your knapsack. TIE VINE and when asked to what, answer BANANAS. Now PUT BANANAS and when asked where answer CHASM. You now have bananas dangling from a vine into the chasm.

The monkey climbs after the bananas and returns to you with the dagger. You don’t need the vines and bananas so DROP VINES and DROP BANANAS. You now have all four items. You’d better get back to your hut. Therefore you need to jump the chasm but need to make sure that you’re not too heavy. Now TAKE KEY and TAKE AARDVARK from your knapsack and DROP KNAPSACK. Make sure that the flashlight, the key and the aardvark are the only things you carry.

JUMP CHASM. You’ll end up in the throne room. But there are killer ants as well. DROP AARDVARK and it’ll sort the ants for you. You can now GO SOUTH to find the Hall of Columns. At first you see nothing special but when you LOOK again, you’ll see a heavy door. Since you have the key you can OPEN DOOR. You now don’t need the key anymore so DROP KEY. Time to get your artifacts.

GO NORTH back to the Throne Room and JUMP CHASM. Easy when you only have a flashlight. TAKE KNAPSACK and make sure there’s only you amulet and dagger are in there. Anything else, apart from the flashlight you need to leave for now. JUMP CHASM again and DROP KNAPSACK. Then JUMP CHASM to collect the other items: TAKE DEATHMASK and TAKE SWORD. You can now safely JUMP CHASM and TAKE KNAPSACK. You’re good to go.

GO SOUTH to the Hall of Columns and GO SOUTH to reach the pyramid steps. You’re outside again! Now it’s easy to reach the hut: GO SOUTH onto the path and GO SOUTH once more into the hut. DROP SWORD and DROP DEATHMASK. Then TAKE AMULET and TAKE DAGGER from your knapsack and DROP AMULET and DROP DAGGER. Type SCORE to see the result.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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