Note: I played the C64 version with WinVice. The original sourcecode of the game is here.

You’re on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. It’s wrecked.

LOOK PANEL to see the view screen and a message tape. PLAY TAPE and you’ll learn that the engines are damaged, the transporter is out but there’s an abandoning ship in the  shuttlecraft. Better get to work then.

GO TURBOLIFT to step into the elevator and GO DOWN to reach the floor below. Then GO OUT to step into the corridor. GO NORTH to roam the corridors and GO WEST. From here GO SOUTH and GO WEST again to reach the gym. There are lockers, a closed door and some gym equipment. OPEN LOCKERS to open the doors and LOOK LOCKERS to see what’s inside. There are uniforms and shoes inside.

LOOK UNIFORMS to notice the pockets and LOOK POCKETS to see what’s inside. There’s an ID badge and a pencil. TAKE BADGE to carry the ID with you. Leave the gym, GO EAST and in the corridor GO NORTH and GO EAST. From here GO NORTH again to find the security department including detention cells. There’s also an armory here.

OPEN ARMORY to realize it’s secured by ID. PRESENT ID to unlock the armory.  Now OPEN ARMORY and LOOK ARMORY to find a couple of weapons.  TAKE PHASER to get the gun. TAKE BADGE to take back your badge.

Leave the armory and GO SOUTH into the corridor. From here GO WEST through the corridor. GO WEST and GO WEST again until you reach a cabin. TAKE PILLOW which you can use later. You can do without the brandy and the mirror is only confusing.

GO EAST into the corridor where there’s a door. When you try to open it you’ll notice it’s jammed so SHOOT DOOR. You can now GO SOUTH. From here GO SOUTH again to find another door. Also jammed. SHOOT DOOR to unlock this one as well. You can now GO WEST into the auxiliary control.

There’s an engine firing button. Do not touch it! The engine will implode! LOOK READOUT to see what’s blinking. Ah… that’s why. The magnatomic valve on starboard side needs fixing! GO EAST and GO EAST again. GO SOUTH for another door but if you SHOOT DOOR it’ll open a path to GO WEST. You’re in a storage locker now.

TAKE SPACESUIT from the locker. GO EAST, back to the transporter room. Now GO NORTH and GO EAST, then GO EAST again to reach the engineering department. Again a closed door but this one you can open with the badge: PRESENT ID and OPEN DOOR. Now before you move, TAKE BADGE with you otherwise you’ll be closed in. GO NORTH into the parts storage.

Apparently they have valves in stock so TAKE VALVE. Now that you have the very fragile valve, do not fire your gun anymore, it’ll break the valve and make it useless. To go back, PRESENT ID then OPEN DOOR and TAKE BADGE again before you can GO SOUTH with the valve.

GO WEST into the corridor and GO NORTH to the turbolift. GO TOURBOLIFT and GO DOWN one floor. Now GO OUT. There’s a closed door here and for a good reason: the area beyond is depressurized so you need to wear a spacesuit. But you can’t do that with your hands full.

DROP PILLOW and then DROP VALVE. Not the other way around, it’ll break the valve. DROP PHASER and DROP BADGE. You’re hands are empty now so WEAR SPACESUIT. You can now OPEN DOOR and GO EAST.

You’re in the shuttlecraft bay. There’s a locker here. OPEN LOCKER and LOOK LOCKER to find magnetic boots and another spacesuit. GET SPACESUIT and GET BOOTS. Now return before oxygen runs out! GO WEST then CLOSE DOOR. You need to DROP SPACESUIT and DROP BOOTS before you can REMOVE SPACESUIT and get some fresh air again.

Since the spacesuit you were wearing isn’t of use anymore, DROP SPACESUIT. So when you LOOK AROUND you’ll see two spacesuits of which one with pockets. LOOK POCKETS to find a screwdriver. TAKE SPACESUIT (you’ll automatically take the one with the pockets, the fresh one) and WEAR SPACESUIT. Now TAKE BOOTS and WEAR BOOTS.

To fix the broken valve TAKE SCREWDRIVER and TAKE VALVE. You’re good to go. OPEN DOOR and GO EAST to return to the shuttlecraft bay. Since the bay doors are open you can GO OUT to the starboard engine pylon. Nice view of the stars here!

GO UP to climb onto the engine and find the hatch. OPEN HATCH and when asked with what, just answer SCREWDRIVER. When you LOOK HATCH you can see the cracked valve. Just REPLACE VALVE and the job is done.

GO DOWN back to the pylon and GO DOWN back to the shuttlecraft bay. GO WEST to the corridor and CLOSE DOOR to get back to safety. DROP SCREWDRIVER, you don’t need it anymore. REMOVE BOOTS and DROP BOOTS and REMOVE SPACESUIT and DROP SPACESUIT.

GO TURBOLIFT and GO UP to the floor above you. GO OUT to leave the lift and GO SOUTH into the corridor. From here GO WEST, then GO WEST again and GO WEST once more to the auxiliary room. LOOK READOUT to see that the engines are ready. Time to PUSH BUTTON and fire up the engines. You saved the Enterprise.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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