You can’t go back. So you better pick up the AXE and  walk south to go to the mansion and see if someone can help.

Look at the plate left of the door to see what the mansion is about. Enter the house through the door. In the hallway look at the painting and the flowers. Use the door on the right and walk through the dining hall to the next door. Use this door to enter the cellar. Walk down the steps and downstairs look at the bloody axe. Look at the barrels and then use the barrels to tap them. One of them isn’t filled with wine.

Use the axe on the barrels to find the body. Under the body is a BOOK. Then there’s someone coming at you trying to kill you. Use the axe on the crazy man to stay alive. Then there’s the flashback.

Look at the book you found under the body. There’s a NOTE in it with two digits on it. Walk to the right and use the stairs first, then the door to climb out of the cellar. Walk all the way to the left to get back to the hallway.

Use the door on the left. On the chair next to the door is a diary. Look at it to learn more about the history of James. There’s another NOTE with two digits. Use the door left of the fireplace to go to the staircase. Use the door downstairs to get to the kitchen. Look around and in the cabinets on the left you can find a metal pipe.

Leave the kitchen again and use the stairs to go to the upper floor. There you hear some strange voices. The first door from the left is from the servants. The door is locked but with a small object could it be opened. Use the metal pipe on the lock to smash it and then use the door to enter the room. In the room you find beds and a desk. Using the desk you read a BOOK about acids and especially one that dissolves metal.

Leave the room again and enter the one on the right, the bathroom. In the cabinet on the wall is a SCALPEL. Take it and leave the bathroom and use the door in the middle, the one from the personal doctor. Use the safe you move is aside and then use the scalpel on the linoleum that was under the safe. Once the vinyl is gone, use the space to go the the cellar.

Use the keypad next to the door and use the codes of the two notes you found in the books. Just fit the two pieces of paper together to find the order: 1280. When you enter the code right, the door will unlock. Use the door to enter the lab. But then the door locks behind you. Now you have to find a way to get out again.

On the table on the right is another diary. It’s the whole story about the mansion, the murders and the hiding in the cellar. At the end there’s the way to open the lock. Use the chemicals on the table on the left. If you’ve read the book about acids, you know which chemicals to use to make the substance to melt metal. Have a close look at the chemicals and then use the hydrochloric acid first and then the nitric acid. There’s your AQUA REGIA. Use the door to leave the lab.

Use the ladder to go upstairs again and from the walk south to leave the doctor’s room. Walk all the way to the right to reach a door that’s locked. Use the door to melt the lock and enter the room. There’s the evil behind it all.  A lot will become clearer now that it’s explained and you end up chanined in the basement.

When you’ve managed to get one hand free, take one of the CANDLES in front of you and use it on the evil priest. He’ll burn. Then there’s only one thing left you can do….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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