You must find the flower seeds again.

Pick up the FLOWER next to you and walk to the north and find a nearly dehydrated octopus. Talk to the poor creature and ask what happened. The octopus needs nutrition. Walk to the left and pick up the ORANGE. Talk to the blue cat. Walk back to the right and give the orange to the octopus. It’s better already. But the octopus still would like some water and gives you a GLASS.

Walk to the south three times and you’re near the water. Use the glass on the WATER to fill it.  Walk to the north three times and give the glass with water to the octopus. In return you get the glass filled with INK. Talk to the octopus again to learn about the seeds.

Walk to the left twice. A bean is guarding a cave. So you can’t enter until you can prove you’re  from the ancient people. Walk to the south three times and talk to the robot. He wants the ink so give it to him. In return you get a STEAK. Walk to the right three times and north from there. There’s a dog with a bone. Give the steak to the dog and take the BONE. Pick up the ROSE for your gandmother. Walk to the right. Talk to the archeologist and learn about his loss.

Give the bone to the man and you’ll get an ancient ARTIFACT in  return. Now you can see the red bean. Walk to the left four times until you reach the other base of the mountains. Walk north until you’re with the bean again. Give the artifact to the bean and you can enter the cave.  Walk towards the seeds to bring them home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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