There are four containers to fill. And five handles. But you only need three. Above the container on the left are two handles. Use one of them. Above the second container from the left are also two handles. Use either one. Now container three will fill automatically. Use the handle above container four to start the game.

Open the fridge to get your key to the frontdoor: a CROWBAR. Use the crowbar on the front door and leave your office. Outside you’ll meet Messenger Duck. Talk to him and learn about the problem of everyone losing his trait.  Look at the signpost to see what directions are available and then walk to the north to the rollercoaster.

Meet Mr. Kilpinen the hyperactive turtle. Try to talk to him if you can catch him. Try to keep up with his words, it’s very fast. He doesn’t have much to say, it’s only fast. Enter the little house next to the rollercoaster. Talk to Hermanni the rat who’s walking inside. He could use a break and a good meal.

Leave the hut again and walk to the right to the crossing again. From there goto the right to enter the castle. But the bridge is closed so all you can do is try to take the cheese. But Katti will prevent this. Talk to the cat and you won’t get the cheese.


Walk to the left back to the crossing and then to the south to Bunny Street. Talk to the elephant to learn he’s lost his memory. Maybe you can find it. Walk to the left and enter the house. Talk to the little rabbit, Pupu to find out that the clock is broken and the rabbit isn’t motivated to fix it. Talk to the big rabbit, Pupuna and there’s only nonsense. Under the bed is a SPANNER to take.

Use the door to leave the house and walk to the north twice to reacht the rollercoaster again. Use the spanner on the rollercoaster and then use the rollercoaster to go for a ride. Because you used the spanner, you won’t be able to stay in your seat and you’ll be catapulted to ..  the entrance of the castle.

Walk to the left and to the north and enter the house near the rollercoaster. Talk to the rat and tell him about the cheese when you ask him if he’s tired. Leave the house and talk to the turtle. Tell him about the rat needing a break and the turtle is willing to take his place. Enter the house again, talk to the rat and he can take a break. Leave the house again and use the rollercoaster again.

Since the turtle is in control now, once you’re catapulted, you’re flying even further and land in front of the castle door. Use the door to speak to the guard and he’ll ask for a password. From here answer with rhymewords until the bridge is lowered and you can enter the castle. Walk to the right and talk to Kaappi.

He won’t let you in. Use your hand on him to tell him a secret and in no-time he’s knock out. Use the door to open it and enter the lab. There’s a KNIFE on the trolley you can take and talk to the monkey near the machine. Not much coming out of him. Use your hand on the monkey and he’ll jump onto the machine. Use the spanner on the nut left of the machine and then use the controls the monkey used before.

You’ve generated some SLOTH now so take it. Walk to the left and leave the lab and keep walking until you’re at the dead rat. Use the dead rodent to make the cat appear and then use the sloth on the cat. It’s paralysed now. Use the knife on Hermanni to take the KEY from his belly. Walk to the left twice to enter your own office again.

Use the key on the drawers of your desk to unlock them. Open the drawer and take your TRAIT, strength out. Leave your office again and walk to the right twice into the castle and use the door to get into the lab. Use the trait on the machine to flip it over.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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