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Dead Man’s Political Party – Walkthrough (Berian Williams/2003)

By Leon | January 13, 2014

Dead Man's Political Party Walkthrough Warning! This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

You need to get votes… and fast!

Day 1:

Use the door on the right to enter George’s bar. Talk to Max Griff about his work. He doesn’t have any. He’s also out of money. You’ll tell him to get him some work. Talk to George behind the bar. He’s doing alright. Try to take the tip jar and then talk to George again. Ask for the jar but you can only have it if Max’ pays his bills. Walk south to leave the bar.

Walk to the right and enter the Yahtzeebrand General store. Talk to the man behind the counter and ask him about the metal detector and how he will vote. That’s not good. Take the can of SQUID from the shelf and walk out the door. Walk all the way to the left to find the bum in the alley. Talk to him and find out he’s Prince Yahtzee today.

Talk to him about his personality and the conversations comes to squid. Show him the can of squid and tell him it’s from the Yahtzeebrand Store. He’ll walk over there straight away. Follow him and enter the Yahtzeebrand store as well. You’ll see the conversation between the bum and the shopkeeper.

The couple will enter the back room and since you’re curious, enter the back room as well. As soon as you enter, the two of them will enter the alleyway, leaving you alone. Look at the machine and the dial to figure out what it is. Use the shelves at the bottom left to get a bar of SOAP.

Use the door on the left to return to the shop and talk to the shopkeeper again. Ask him about the machine in the back and how it got there. He’ll tell you about the Baron. Leave the shop south and walk to Scid’s bar on the left. Talk to Max and tell him you may have found some work. Hire him for the job.

Use the door on the left and talk to Mr. Reaper. Tell him about the idea you had for the campaign. Clearly Mr. Reaper doesn’t approve. Use the door on the right and talk to George about Max. He has paid the bill so you can have the MONEY from the jar. Walk south to leave the bar.

Enter the alley on the left and use the money to play the jukebox. Instead of music you get a lot of CIGARETTES. Walk to the right to leave the alley, then north next to Dominatrix to reach the map. Select the hospital on it.

Walk inside and talk to Vicks on the left. Ask him to get into the morgue but he refuses. When you ask him what it would take, he suggest a break to smoke a cigarette. Give the cigarettes to Vicks and he’ll leave. Use the plant he was standing next to to find a book of MATCHES. Walk left into the morgue and through the door on the left to visit the mortician.

Talk to the mortician and ask him to examine you. He’d love to but he doesn’t have a vice or clamp so can’t operate on you. Use the alcove with jars under the lamp to find a pair of SCISSORS. Leave on the south and walk to the right to the reception area. Walk south at the right to leave the hospital. South again to see the map and travel to your own house.

Your front door is locked but above the door is a ledge. Use the ledge to get your KEY and use the key to unlock the door. Use the brown door on the right to enter the storage room and use drawer #2 on the left to find a VICE. Walk south to leave the room, south again to go outside and south once more to see the map again. Return to the hospital.

Walk into the hospital and to the morgue on the left. Walk through the door on the left to visit the mortician again. Give him the C-clamp and he’ll get the metal out of your system. It appears to be a BOMB. You’re done for today.

Day 2:

Walk south to leave the house and south again to see the map. Select the town square on it. Enter Scid’s on the left and enter the back room by using the door on the left. Talk to Mr. Reaper and ask for suggestions. He suggests to visit the sheriff.

Use the door on the right to leave the room and walk south to go outside. Walk to the right and read the newspaper in the newspaper dispenser. They’re going to demolish the dam. Walk all the way to the right to see the map and select jail on it.

Use the brown door to enter jail and talk to the sheriff. To get his vote, someone needs to clean up town. Leave the office and walk to the right to see the map. Select the dam on it. Talk to Bob… the builder and learn how you can win his vote. Give him the explosive but since it’s lunchtime, you need to blow up the dam yourself.

Put the explosive on the dam and attach the cigarettes to it as a makeshift fuse. Light the cigarettes with the matches and the dam is history. Go back to the dam to see what’s left. Use the soap on the river to let it flow into the streets of Reality and clean up.

Day 3:

Walk south to leave the house. This time you’ll not see the map but be in the streets of Reality. Before you know it, you’re talking to a tree.. ehh.. little man. Learn about his hobby and what he wants. Walk further south to see the map and select town square on it.

Walk all the way to the left and enter Scid’s. Use the door on the left to get into the back office and talk to Mr. Reaper to discuss the plan for today. Leave the office and get out of the bar. Walk to the right and use the blue door next to the newspaper vending machine. Inside the apartment block, use door #33 to get Mika’s attention. Talk to her to find out what she needs.

Walk down the stairs and enter the Yahtzeebrand store. On the shelf is dental floss. That might be used as string! Take the DENTAL FLOSS from the shelf and put some money in the vending machine on the left to get a VITAMIN C DRINK out. Leave the store and walk to the right to see the map. Travel to the hospital and go inside.

Talk to the mortician and learn what he’s after. Talk some more to find out where to get the aspirin. Pity you can’t access it. Also learn how to create developing fluid. He’ll give you the SODIUM ASCORBATE. Walk south to leave the hospital and south again to the map. Select home on it and give the dental floss to the man in the tree. He’ll get you the ASPIRINE.

Walk south the see the map and return to the hospital. Go inside and give the aspirin to the mortician. He’ll get some blood from you. Walk south to leave the hospital and south again to the map. Go back to town square. Walk left and enter Scid’s bar. Use the bottles behind the bar to ask for a bottle of WATER.

In your inventory, add the aspirin to the vitamin C and then add the water. There’s your developing fluid. Leave the bar and walk to the apartment block on the right. Go inside and knock on door #33. When Mika answers, give her the developing fluid. In return she’ll give you SPECTACLES.

Day 4:

Walk south twice to see the map. Today is the day of the election so visit the community center where Mr. Reaper is. Talk to him to learn about the last vote. That is a cunning plan. Walk left to leave the center and select town square on the map.

Enter the restaurant on the right and use the pile with black TABLECLOTHS that are on the table. Walk to the left to leave and in the street walk all the way to the left to reach Scid’s bar. Go inside and talk to George behind the bar. Talk about the voting and he’ll offer you a COCKTAIL. Careful though, it stains like hell.

Talk to Bryan and he’ll sell you a WIG. Use the scissors in your inventory in the black tablecloth to cut some sleeves. Use the cocktail on the wig to give it a color.  Use the scissors on the wig to cut it to length and now you have the  perfect disguise. Time to vote!

Back on the map select the community center to see who won the election.




Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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