Your ship has crashed and leaked the ion gas that is needed to operate it. Better get some new.

Use the ladder behind you to leave the ship. Walk to the right and ISAC will tell you where you can go. Select the Town Hall on it. Talk to Mr. Reaper outside and then visit the mayor. Talk to him and ask how things are in town. He’ll tell you about the mad scientist. Leave the mayor and walk to the right to see the map. Select Town Square on it. Walk to the apartment block on the right and go in. Inside you’ll find Elandra. Talk to her and ask her for some ion gas. Funny enough she has some but you need a cylinder or long hose to take it to your ship. So here we go!

Leave the basement and walk all the way to the left where you can find a bum. This time he says he’s your wife. Ask him if you can check the box and you only can if you show him affection in the way of a kiss. No way! You need to get the guy’s thoughts on something else.

Leave the alley on the right and walk to the right. Go north between the post office and Dominatrix to see the map. Go to the Realiser. When you enter you’re greeted by horrific background music that makes you want to run away. You could use that on the bum! Talk to Mika and ask her for the CD.


You can’t have it because she needs it for her boss, unless you can get your hands on a harassment suit or extra strong pepper spray. Ask her where you might get those and for the pepper spray she’ll send you to the general store. Walk south to leave the office and on the map select Town Square.

Walk to the Yahtzeebrand General Store and go inside. Have a look around and notice the pepper spray on one of the shelves.  Talk to the storekeeper and ask if you can get anything for free. You don’t have any money so… but you can’t. You can take the exit free of charge. Go outside and enter the white house next to the general store. It’s Davy’s.

Talk to him and learn about his magic skills. Use the drawer of the desk to find Bill Cosby’s wallet. Take the wallet to show it to Davy. It’s not his so you can take the WALLET. Inside there’s also a CREDIT CARD. It’s obvious that Davy and Bill’s names are still on there. Look at the wallet to realize it’s empty and probably will only fetch a few bucks on eBay.

A credit card like this is useless. You need to personalize it. Leave the house and walk all the way to the right to see the ‘map’. Select the museum on it. Look at the museum pieces and find the card press in the center. Talk to Templeton and ask him about the object in the middle. He’ll tell you about it. Ask him to use the object and he’ll refuse. You can use it if you’ll do him two favors.

Ask him for the first thing and it’ll be some programming work. Give him ISAC and it’ll be done. Ask him for the second thing and it’ll be a gun. Ask the man what he needs a gun for and where you might get one.  He’ll refer you to security guards. Leave the museum south and visit the airplane graveyard. This place had guards at some time.

Use the booth on the left of the door to find a note. So George has a gun from the Yahtzeebrand store. Walk to the right to the map and select Town Square. [Note: If you walk south you’ll end up in the museum. Walk south again to see the map.] Walk left and enter Scid’s bar.

Talk to George behind the bar. Ask him for the gun and he’ll send you to Max Griff. Leave the bar and walk to the right. Enter the red building left of the General Store to find Max. Talk to him and learn about the gun. He’ll tell you if you give him something that’s worth a few bucks. Give him Bill Cosby’s wallet and he’ll let you know where to find a gun.

Leave Max and walk north left of the building. On the map select the dark forest path. Use the purple tree on the left to find the GUN. Walk n0rth over the path to return to the map and select the museum on it. Give the gun to Templeton and you can use the machine. Use the credit card on the object in the center to personalize your credit card.

Walk south and select Town Square on the map. Enter the Yahtzeebrand General Store and take the can of PEPPER SPRAY from the shelf (quite tricky to get it!). You’ll pay for it and can leave the store again. In the street walk north left of the red building and select The Realiser on the map. Give the pepper spray to Mika and she’ll complain that it’s not powerful enough. Who talked about power before?

Leave the newspaper office and on the map select Town Square. Use the white building to the right of the General Store and talk to Davy. Give him the pepper spray and he’ll work his magic. One can of liquid pain. Leave the room and walk north left of the red building. On the map return to The Realiser. Give the can with pepper spray to Mika and she’ll give you the CD.

Leave the office again and select Town Square. Walk all the way to the left and go into the alley where the bum is. Use the CD on the jukebox and the bum will let you search the box. Inside you’ll find an extremely long HOSE. Walk to the right to leave the alley and enter the building on the far right next to the restaurant and visit Elandra in the basement.  Give her the hose and she’ll tell you to hook up the other end to the space ship.

Leave the building and walk to the right to see the map. Select the Jules Verne Landing Spot on it and use the hose on the space ship to hook it up. After a short wait the fuel tank will be full so you’ll leave to tell Elandra. Meanwhile your ship gets nicked. On the Welcome sign there’s now a note. Take the note to read it and see who stole your aircraft. At least he also tells you where to find him.

Walk to the right and on the map select the Dark Forest Path. Once there, walk to the right and reach the house of Die Vie Ess. Use the front door to go inside and look at your ship on the right. You’ll end up in a large tank full of Aci… mud. After the initial conversation, try to shoot the doctor with your stunner. It fails.

Look at the scientist. He has a button on his coat to ask him about his evil plans. Talk to him again and ask him about his plans. He’ll tell you all about it and you know to swap the conversation and places. He’s in the tank. Use the door on the right to leave and use your ship to leave the town of Reality.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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