All buildings seems to be boarded up and there’s no one around.

Walk all the way to the right to find the entrance of Reality and a herd of cows blocking the way. Walk left to return to town center and enter the red building next to the post office. It’s for sale but there seems to be someone in. Talk to the man and he’ll explain why he’s leaving and what you can do about the cows. He’ll also give you a KEY of a place where you can find some tools to make the cattleprod.

Leave the office and enter the Yahtzeebrand Store. There’s no one there and when you use the magazine stand in the back you’ll take a MAGAZINE. Leave the shop and walk all the way to the left to find the bum in an alley. Talk to him to learn he’s Bob the Builder today. Ask for tools and he’ll tell you about his screwdriver. You can have it in exchange for a magazine. Give him the magazine and you’ll get the SCREWDRIVER.

Walk to the right to return to the street and walk north left of the post office to reach a beach hut. It’s locked but with the key you can unlock it and go inside. Look at the TV. There are some wires sticking out that you can use but you need something to get them off. Use the screwdriver on the TV to get the WIRES from it. Use the door to go outside.

Next to the palm tree is a SAW. Pick it up and walk to the right to return to the streets. Enter the post office. Look at the machine on the left to find out it’s a card machine with something stuck in it. Use the machine to fix it and it’ll spit out a card. Take the CARD from the table and walk to the right to leave the post office.

Walk to the left and use the saw on the board that blocks the entrance to Scid’s. Once the BOARDS are removed, use the door to go inside. Take the HAMMER from the workbench. Next to the door on the left is a card reader. Swipe your card through and you’ll visit Death.

Talk to Death to learn more about the cows. After the conversation, use the bin to find a BATTERY in it. You’ll take it. Walk to the left to return to Scid’s and walk south there (tricky!, aim for the part where light & dark blue meet) to go outside again. In your inventory, put the wires on the hammer and attach the battery to it. Your cattleprod is ready.

Walk all the way to the right to visit the cows (if you’re stuck, use the door of Scid’s again and walk out again). Use the cattleprod on the cows to clear the road.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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