You get the assignment to pick up a malfunctioning space ship.

Look at the floorplan of the ship to the right of the door. Walk to the other side of the ship where it says Hallway and leave the map (by clicking next to it). In front of you are now two doors, tha lavatory and the utility room. Use the button on the right between the doors to open the door of the utility room. Use the toolbox on the top shelf to open it and find a HAMMER, a SCREWDRIVER and a SCRAPER inside. Use the hammer on the extinguisher unit to the right to break the glass. Use the hammer again on it to completely remove the glass.

Use the extinguisher box to take the PLUNGER out. Look at the map of the ship on the right and walk to the front of the ship where it says Cockpit. On the right is a red box on the wall and when you use it you can take a roll of DUCT TAPE out. On the rigth side of the dashboard is a panel fixed with screws and three buttons next to it. Use the screwdriver on the screws to remove the panel and see the wires behind it. You can slide the wires to the left to find that each wire has a connector. Using the connectors together makes a lot of noise. The trick is to combine only those that do not make a sound, thus only generate the power.

One of the wires will make a sound immediately with any other cable: orange. So that must be the ‘base’ cable. Then combine the ones that don’t make a sound: green and light blue with this orange one. Use the duct tape with these three and the power is restored.  By the way: yellow are wipers, pink is alarm and purple is the horn so leave them apart.


Use the panel on the far right to see the map of the ship again and walk to the aft of the ship where it says Engine Room. Next to the door is a keypad. But you don’t know the code. Look at the painting. Use the scraper on the painting to find the NOTE that was stuck behind it. Use the note on the keypad to unlock the door and enter the engine room.

Look around and search for the problem. The hyper fluxonator on the right has an air vent. Look at it to find it blocked. Use the plunger on the vent to take the blockage out: a PANTYHOSE. Use the map on the right to return to the corridors. Walk to the cockpit at the front of the ship and  look at the daskboard again. To the left of the chair on the right is the dashboard control.    Look at it and push the start button to let the navigation system work again.  Just above the chair the right is the navigation control.  Use the navigation control to magically set the coordinates to your homebase.

To the right of the left chair is the communication device. Use it to call the admiral. Tell the man about the navigation and the engine. Tell him you”ve set the coordinates and the autopilot and that you’re ready to come home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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