[Note: actions are done with the right mouse button. Bit awkward but you’ll get used to it..]

You need to find a way out of your cell. Use the tray under the laser beams to get your FOODBOWL. Look at the light. That’s quite hot. Use the hot bowl on the tray under the beams again to tell the guards you’re finished. He’ll burn his hands, leaving prints on the bowl and dropping a TRANSLATOR. You also take a NOTEBOOK and PEN and the BOWL again.

Since the aliens voice deactivated a part of the security, you now only need his fingerprint. Since he left it on the bowl, use the bowl on the security panel next to the laser beams. The beams will be deactivated and you can walk to the left. In the corridor you can read the signs because the translator will work automatically. Walk to the left again to reach the library.

Use the grating under the left terminal to crawl into the vent. You overhear a conversation between alien who will come after you now. You also hear the name of a book. Leave the vent and go to the left again to find a KEYCARD. You’ll end up in the vent again. As soon as the aliens are gone, leave the vent and go to the left again. Although you get the message that you don’t need to go there anymore, try again. Again you get the message, but if you’re stubborn enough, you’ll see an alien entering a room by using a code: 6433.

Repeat the action several times more until you see an alien drop another KEYCARD. Since this is an all access keycard, you throw away the first one. Go to the right and use the elevator. Put your card in the card reader and push the button for level 2. You automatically enter the space pod.

Use the yellow and red button on the lower left to start the engine. Use the all access keycard from your inventory on the slot on the right and you can leave the bay.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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