After the captain messed up (again), you need to repair the ship.

Use the mattrass of the lower bunk bed to lift it and find a VCR TAPE under it. Pick up the tape.  Use the control panel left of the elevator and select the Engines level. Step into the Local Personell Relocator (LPR) and you’ll be transported to the chosen level.

Engineer Norman is pacing arounnd, preventing you from going into the engine room. Use your five credit note on the vending machine and use the machine. Select a soup of the day. Take the SOUP from the delivery slot and find a CHEESE BISCUIT with it. Use the panel left of the LPR again and select the bridge. Step into the LPR to go there.

Give the cheese biscuit to the cat so it will move away from the cupboard. Open the cupboard and find the VCR player behind it. Use the tape you found under the mattress with the player. Left of the captain are the Viewscreen controls. Use them and push the green AV button to show the tape on screen. Everyone is distracted by the film. Evans has put a can of polish beside  her. Pick up the CAN OF POLISH.


Use the panel left of the LPR again, select quarters and step inside. Use the bowl of soup on the sink to let the soup out and replace it with WATER. Use the control panel left of the LPR again, select the engine level this time and step into the LPR.

Now, to get rid of Norman, use the can of polish on the floor sensor in front of the door. It isn’t visible of course, it’s under the floor. As soon as Norman steps on it, he slips and rams the arcade machine, which was broken anyway. Use the side panel of the arcade to get an INTERFACE CABLE out. Just a bit left of Norman is a plug. Use it to get the POWER CABLE. Use the door of the engine room to enter.

Now this is the mess you need to repair. On the table is a jar. Use it to take the 10 CREDIT NOTE out. Walk outside and use the credit note on the vending machine. Use the vending machine and order a pasta. Take the PASTA from the delivery slot and note that there’s a bottle of OLIVE OIL with it. Enter the engine room again. In the front of the machine is an oil intake. Look at it to see it’s level is very low. Use the olive oil on it to fill it up again. On the side of the machine is a radiator valve. Use the bowl with water on the valve to fill the radiator to a normal level as well.

Use the interface cable with the auto pilot bay next to the engine to connect them. Then use the power cable with the auto pilot bay to start the engine up and showing the auto pilot. Use the auto pilot to get the crate moving again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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