You’re standing in the window next to a fish.

Talk to the fish about traveling. Then you’ll tell him about the gardens you’d like to go to. Look at yourself to find the FISH’S APOLOGIES. Use the apologies on the wall below the window to drop it and it will fall onto this flying taxi.

Talk to the ‘driver’ of the taxi and ask for the for the model of his ‘taxi’. If you guess right, he’ll take you to the gardens. But no matter what you say, it’s not the right one.

Talk to the fish again and ask if he knows the model of the carpet. He’ll tell you the right one. Talk to the taxi driver again about the model and tell him the right model. You win and can come with him. After he moved to the right position, walk onto the carpet and he’ll take you to the gardens.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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