You need to get to work and find your ID card.

Use the door of the cupboard to the right of the computer screen to open it.  On the top shelf is a toolbox. Use it to find a SCREWDRIVER (1/1). Use it again to find a pair of PLIERS (1/2). Look at the items in your closet three times until you realize there might be something in them (1/3). Then pick up the orange  SWEATER (1/4) and use the sweater in your inventory. There only seems to be a old tissue in it. You’ll put the sweater back.

Take the PANTS from the shelf above the sweater (1/5). Use the pants in your inventory to find your ID CARD (2/7). Use the button next to the door on the right of the cupboard to enter open the bathroom door. Walk inside and on the sink you can find a STRING of dental floss (1/8). Leave the bathroom again.

Use the computer (1/9) and select the documents on the left. The top document holds your account name and password. You’ll never know when it comes in handy.


Use the screwdriver on the air vent on the left. The grating comes off and you’ll have 3 SCREWS (4/13). Look inside to see something shiny that you can’t reach. In your inventory use the pliers with the screwdriver to get a MAGNET (3/16). Use the string with the magnet and use the combination with the open vent four times (4/20) to finally get the 5ct COIN (10/30).

Use the control panel on the wall on the right and use the id card from your inventory on the card reader below the screen. Choose option 1 to open the door and the computer is requesting 5ct. You can argue all you want but if you want to get out, just pay the money. Use option 1 again to open the door. Walk through to the hallway. Use the car parked on the right to get inside.

Touch the screen on the dashboard to see the map of the city and select Work on it. Then push the GO at the top of the screen to go to work. Mission accomplished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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