You’re standing in front of a large gate.

Walk to the south twice and pick up the STICK lying on the left next to the tree. Walk north again and look at the tuff weeds on the right. There’s something in there. Use the stick to take the big brass KEY out. Walk north and use the key on the big gate to unlock it and then use the gate again to go through.

On the right you can find a FLASK with some oily substance in it. Pick it up and walk to the lower right over the bridge. Walk north to cross the bridge and when you’re in the field again, there’s a shiny object on the left. Pick it up to see it’s a LIGHTER.  Walk south twice onto the bridge and then north to the gate. Use the gate to go through again.

Walk to the south twice and you’re back where you found the stick. On the right are some thorny bushes that you can’t get through. Use the flask with oil on the bush and then use the lighter to burn the bushes away. You can now walk further to the right.

Walk to the south and you’ll find an arched opening of a ruin. Walk north through the opening into the ruin.  Go up the stairs to the right into the building and while it will be very dark here, it will also be dry. Walk  to the south and look at the debris on the upper right of the room. A ghost appears standing against the wall. She’ll talk to you. Talk to the ghost to learn about the missing part, Whisper the cat and the island. Give the stick to the ghost and she’ll tell you about the barrel and Whisper.

Walk to the left and find an old barrel near the wall. Inside is a shiny object. Pick it up to find the TOY MOUSE. Walk to the right to exit the building again and walk north through the arched opening to leave the ruin. Walk to the right and on the left you’ll find a big cat: Whisper. Give the mouse to the cat, walk south and to the right again. Where Whisper was, is now a steel KEY. Pick up the key and walk to the south, then north under the arched opening into the ruin.

Inside the ruin walk south to find a large steel door. Use the key on the door to unlock it and use the door to go inside. There’s a big surprise for you.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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