Walk to the left, then to the right to follow the monkey to the cliff.

Talk to the monkey to learn what you need to make a boat. You can ask him where to get the items and where to get an axe. Walk to the left and enter the cave again. Walk south into the kitchen and listen to the chef monkey sing:

Teach an elephant to dance
And the monkeys will climb the trees
The foxes do somersaults
The Pigs, Panthers, sheep and the old goat in the mountains
All shiver at the sight of the tiger

Walk back to the north and use the chain to open the storage space. In order to get things out you need to repeat the song from the monkey.When done right you can take the AXE from the storage space. Walk to the left to leave the cave and outside take the YELLOW FRUIT from the tree.

Walk to the left and take the RED FRUIT from the bushes. Walk further to the left and take the GREEN FRUIT from the tree. Pick up a ROPE hanging from the tree and walk further north into the woods.

Use the axe on the tree in front of you to chop four of them down and take the LOGS with you. Walk back to the south, go to the right and follow the path to the south. In the grass is a PURPLE FRUIT so pick it up and walk to the left to meet the panda.

Talk to the panda and learn that in order to get a bamboo stick he wants a nice salade from the chef. Walk to the right and follow the path to the south to find the last, MULTICOLOURED FRUIT, in the tree. Take it and walk to the left, right twice and then into the cave. Inside walk to the south and talk to the chef monkey behind the worktop.

Tell him you need a fruit salad for panda and he’ll ask for five different fruits. So give him one of the fruits, the rest will follow and despite his text, he’ll make a FRUIT SALAD for you. Walk to the north and turn left to leave the cave. Walk to the left, south and left again and give the fruit salad to the panda. In return you get the BAMBOO STICK.

Leave on the right, follow the path to the south and walk to the right again. Talk to the sailor monkey. Ask him what’s needed for the boat and when you tell him that’s everything he’ll give you the KEY to the tree. Walk to the left and use the key on the tree in the middle. Inside the tree was a MAP. Walk back to the right and talk to the sailor monkey again. Aks him if the boat’s ready.

Walk over to the raft to climb on and ‘walk’ to the right to sail home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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