This is what you told the police:

You looked through the stuff in the skip to take the MAGAZINE out. You gave the tramp a firm push into the skip. That way the tin of beans wasn’t watched anymore and you could take the TIN. You walked outside to the right and entered the playground. You took the STICK, actually you broke it. Then you left the playground in the north, entering the streets.

You took the BAG from the street and entered the playground on the right again. You used the bag with the broken sticky mess near the swing to take the BAG FULL OF MESS again. Again, back to the streets.

In front of the house, you used the magazine with the bottom of the door, pushing part of the magazine under the door. Then you used the clean stick with the tin of beans to scrape the bark of the stick, leaving a small pointy stick. Then you used that on the lock in the door, pushing the KEY out. You used the key on the lock and opened the door and entered the house.

You took the padlock from the fridge, take a tube of BUTTER out. Using the butter on the door to the bedroom behind the guard dog, the hinges made less noise so you could enter there.

Inside the bedroom of Dave Malloy, you used the bag full of mess on the arm of Dave. He woke up, blamed the dog, slipped on the butter and got a knife in his body. You then took the KEY from under the pillow and used it on the safe, taking the MONEY out.

Using the window in the bedroom you could leave the house unseen.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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