It’s a nice day and you’d like to go for a walk. Let’s see who we can find to take me. Walk to the left and find Paul sitting on the couch. Bark at him, then lick him. No reaction, at least not the desired one. Lick Paul again and he’ll get up… and leave the room. No walk here.

Pick up the line from the couch and walk to the north. Behind the bead curtain is the kitchen. Bark at Norah. Ah! She’ll go. You just have to bring her the line. Take the LINE from the inventory and give it to Norah. She’ll follow you.

Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and to the south again to leave the house. In the streets walk all the way to the right untill you reach the pedestrian crossing and the traffic lights. Bark at the button and Norah will help.

Norah gets hit by a passing car and is lying on the street. From here, you have four minutes to rescue her. Bark at Norah and lick her but she won’t wake up. Walk all the way to the left untill you reach your house again. Bark at the door and you can go in.

Walk to the right, to the bedroom where Paul is and bark at Paul. Paul understands and will follow you. Walk to the left to the livingroom and to the south to leave the house. Then all the way to the right again to the traffic lights. Paul calls for an ambulance and Norah is taken to the hospital. She’s saved.

We have to find the driver of the car. On the streets is a piece of LACQUER left from the car. Take it and smell the piece of car. You find a trace and it will lead to a garage with a red car parked there. Smell the car. As soon as you do, a man walks in. He’ll offer you food. Don’t eat it. Bite the man and he’ll leave. You now have one minute to escape.

Take the ROPE from the wall. Use the rope with the chest to pull it with you. Take the chest and use it on the window. It’s now standing under the window. Take the MEAT and take the chest again to use it to jump out of the window. As soon as you do, the man returns to find you gone.

Walk all the way to the left untill you find the police officer. Give him the meat and he’ll follow you. Walk all the way back to the right untill you reach the garage again. The police officer will take it from there.

Walk back to the left to the traffic lights, cross the street and walk left to your own house and bark at the front door. Once you’re inside again, walk straight ahead to the kitchen. On the worktop is a cloth. Take the CLOTH and go back to the south again. From the living room go to the right to the bedroom and in the left corner is your basket. Use the cloth with the basket and take the BASKET with you. Walk to the left and from there to the south to leave the house again.

Walk to the right to the traffic lights. Cross the street and walk to the left on the other side of the street to the bakers’ shop. The baker gives you a cake and put it in the basket. Outside walk to the right and to the right of the baker enter the street to the north. This will lead to the hospital.

The door is blocked by a man so you can’t enter the hospital. Give him the basket and he’ll eat the cake but also step aside. Your chance to enter the hospital. You’ll walk straight to  Norah.  She’ll be very thankfull for such a very special dog.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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