You’re locked inside the house. Nothing strange for a cat, but you want some freedom.

Your rival is on the couch. Next to a ball of yarn. You’d like to have the ball of yarn but it’s guarded by the grey hairball. Talk to the other cat. Her name is Sheba. Ask for the ball of yarn and of course you can’t have it. Ask if you can have it if you do something for her first and it’s a deal (5/5). You should get the bowls filled with food and then you can have the yarn.

Walk to the left and then to the south to enter the kitchen. There are the bowls that should be filled. Next to the bowls is a BALL OF FUR from Sheba (5/10). Pick it up and walk to the right twice to go into the living room. From here go south and up the stairs.

First take the room on the left. It’s the bedroom. Jump on the bed and scratch the right pillow, just for fun. Put some of Sheba’s hair on it to point the evidence in her direction (5/15). Jump on the floor and leave the room on the right. Go to the north to the bathroom.


It’s not the most ideal place for a cat, but you can have fun here. Use the toilet roll and make a mess. Again blame Sheba by putting some of her fur next to it (5/20). Leave the bathroom and go to the right.

The master at work. Use his legs to get his attention and if he doesn’t respond, start making some noise. If he still doesn’t react, make some more noise and eventually he’ll get up and get you some food (5/25). So now it’s just you and the dog. Talk to the dog and find out that he’s after the peanuts on the desk. Jump onto the desk and use the bowl to get the peanuts out… oops. Wrong side (5/30). Jump on the floor again and walk to the south to leave the office. Go to the south down the stairs.

Go south again to watch Sheba asleep on the couth. So now we can take the yarn, right? Try it and Sheba will wake up, not giving you the yarn. Now that’s not nice. Payback time. Scratch the couch and put the blue piece of FABRIC on Sheba (5/35). Now she gets the blame and will be put in the cage (5/40). Now that Sheba is gone, you can take the ball of YARN (5/45). Walk to the left and then to the south. Look around in the kitchen. Some things to play with. How about that can opener. It attracts dogs. So jump on the worktop and use the can opener. The dog will run downstairs, realises there’s no food and leaves again (5/50).

Jump on the floor again and walk south. Use the cat hatch and find Sheba in her cage. Next to the cage is a STICK (5/55). Pick it up and for a last time, harass Sheba by poking her with the stick (5/60). Take the green DINGLE BALL of the dog, lying in the lower right corner (5/65). Go upstairs again, walk south into the kitchen and leave on the right.

The dog has found the nuts and is watching in front of the window. Use the ball of yarn on the dog. Then use it on the table to wrap around and then use it on the door. Now if the dog runs off, the door will open. But then we need to unlock it first. Use the stick on the bar of the left window pane to unlock the door (5/70).

Now to get the dog running, use his own ball on him so he’ll run after it. The door will slide open (10/80) and you have your freedom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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