You’ve got to help the doctor with his invention… Walk to the right and look at the sink. To the right is a button. Use the button to find it’s stuck and finally break off. You’ll take the BUTTON. Walk to the right to the shelves. On the bottom one is a BEAKER. Take it. On the top one is an object but you can’t really see, nor can you reach it. Use the button to throw it at the object and knock it off the shelf. Using at the box reveals a BATTERY.

To the right is a security panel and when you look at the fingerprint scanner the lights aren’t glowing, while they should. Use the battery on the scanner to restore power. Use locker 1 and the safe will open. Inside was a SWISS ARMY KNIFE.

Walk back to the left and use the knife on the spot where the button was, to get some water. The sink fills up with water. Use the beaker with the sink to get some WATER. That noise you heard came from under the sink. Use your knife on the plate in front and out comes the …. KEY.

Walk to the right and use the key on the safe, left of the security panel. Use the safe and get the beaker with green CHEMICAL out. Since the doctor wanted diluted chemicals, use the beaker with water on the beaker with chemical. Give the diluted chemical to the doctor. He’ll know what to do with it.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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