You have to participate in that contest to win the car. Take the LIQUID CLEANER from the floor and from the rack with hangers take a HANGER. Enter the green changing room. The blonde snob can’t see you she hears you. Take a CUCUMBER from the bowl on her right and take the bit of SEAWEED that’s next to her on the bed. Use the liquid cleaner with the bowl of cucumber and her eyes will burn. She’ll leave the contest. Enter the green changing room again and take the black dress.

Leave the green room and enter the red one. The redhead is looking in the mirror. To her right is mouthwash but if you want to take it, she sees you. Put the seaweed in the fishbowl and Mr. Bubbington will act strange. At that moment the redhead will look at the bowl and not at the mirror so quickly grab the MOUTHWASH. There were also some TWEEZERS. Use the tweezers on the coathanger to make it into a wire and use the wire on the fishbowl. The redhead will leave very sudden, not getting over the loss of Mr. Bubbington. Enter the red changing room again and take the make up.

Leave the red changing room and enter the blue one. The bitchy brunette thinks you’re the cleaning lady. Take an EMPTY GLASS from the desk and use the liquid cleaner with the glass. Because of the bad smell, use the mouth wash with the glass as well and to disguise the drink, add the cucumber slices to the glass. One fine cocktail.

You can’t change the glasses while she’s looking but fortunately she has to look at her nails once in a while. Put the glass on her desk as soon as she looks at her nails. Enter the blue changing room again and take the shoes. Leave the room and go to the organizer. Since you got all necessary items and you’re the only contestant, you’re the winner by default. You won a CAR!!


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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