You’re making breakfast for your wife when the light goes out. You need to replace the bulb. But there aren’t any. Take the frying pan from the stove to prevent burning. Use the phone on the wall on the left to order a new lightbulb and it’s delivered before you know it.

There’s a big box but it’s taped very well. Use the door to go to the shed. But be carefull!! There’s a bear trap in the middle of the room. Walk carefully around it or you will get seriously hurt!

From the wall on the right take the LADDER and from the wall in the back take the SAW. Now you can open the box and reach the light. Leave the shed (walk around the trap again) and go into the kitchen. Use the saw on the box to get the LIGHTBULB out and use the ladder on the lamp on the ceiling to setup the ladder. Use the ladder to climb it… or at least try because one of the steps broke.

Use the door again to go to the shed. Remember the trap! From the shed take the BROOM and the HAMMER. Use the broom on the sawbuck and then use the saw on it to create a new STEP. Leave the shed again and go back inside. Use the new step on the ladder and use the hammer to fix it in place.

Now, before we climb the ladder, we should first switch off the light by using the switch next to the door. Then use the ladder to climb it and use the lamp to take the cover off. Take the broken bulb from the socket and use the new one to replace it. Use the ladder again to come down and use the switch to see if your work has paid off.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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