Someone entered your house in the middle of the night and stole your Ibanez JS 2000. You have to find your guitar because without it your life is meaningless.

Now to find the spare key to your front door is the first mission because you’ve lost your key. The answer is in the trash. When you select the top rim of the bin, you’ll find your spare KEY (10/10). Use it on the front door and go outside (3/13).

Walk around town and talk to everyone. Nowhere is the guitar to be found and nobody has seen anything. Only ZZ isn’t home so you can’t ask him. And the door is locked and you haven’t got a key. Go to the park. There’s a beautiful lagoon. Look at it and find the water very poluted. Look again and you can only see a file. Look a third time and you take the FILE (6/19).

Time to be creative. Go back to ZZ’s house and use the file on the… key you have in your pocket (6/25). With the key you’ve created you can open his door (6/31).  Search the house. Nothing to find here. Open the door and discover it leads to his back garden. Search the garden. Also nothing…. you think.

Touch the base of the fountain and discover it’s marble. Touch the base again and see that it’s broken and loose. Touch it again, and again until: you find some MONEY and you take it (35/35). Leave the garden (on the south), leave the house again (lower right corner) and leave the street (lower right corner). On the map select Bob’s place.

Give the money to Bob. And surprise: he has your guitar! He bought it from Steve. So he can pay for the window as well. But the quest is over. You can play again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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