You have to investigate this murder.

Talk to Marilyn but he can’t tell you much. Talk to the witness and learn more about her, the victim and the perp. According to the lady he went east so walk to the right.

Talk to the employee about his business and what’s for sale. Then talk about his colleagues and what he saw from the crime. But there’s not much you can learn here so move further to the right.

Look at the shelter of catalogues to find a PUMPKIN. Not much further you can do here so continue to the right to find a cabin. Looking at the door you find a keypad with four digits. But how to know the combination? Look closely at the colors above and under the numbers. Look familiar?


There were 4 red ribbons around the tree, there were 5 pink mushrooms at the stall, there were 2 yellow crosses at the shelter and you’re standing next to a light blue 8. So enter 4528 and you’re in. Use the door to enter the building.

Inside you’ll find another body. Use the body to find an ID BADGE. Look at the wall and read the note. So you need a head and say the magic words. Use the pumpkin with the plinth. It looks like the start of a head.

Leave the building and walk left back to the Yathzee store. Show the badge to the employee and he’ll take off, giving you his PEN. Return to the shed on the right and use the pen on the pumpkin to draw a mouth. Now something for eyes.

Use the fox’s head on the wall to take the EYES off and put the eyes on the pumpkin. This will automatically let you utter the magical words. The pumpkin will make thinks clearer ..  (sort of ?) and now you have to inform Marilyn.

Leave the cabin and walk to the left. Walk past the catalogue shelter and at the Yahtzeebrand Store you might want to grab a CATALOGUE. Walk further to the left and inform Marilyn.

To rescue Marilyn and the Dame, throw the catalogue at the warlock to reveal his true identity and the reason for the murders.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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