Your dollar has been stolen.

Pick up the FRAME that fell to the ground during the robbery and leave the office. Walk to the right and use the blue door of the apartment block. Decide to see Mika first. Use door #2 to see Mika and talk to her. She’ll tell you she wants to see Elandra. Leave the apartment south and walk down the stairs. Once outside use the door again and visit the basement.

Elandra’s here. Talk to her and ask her to go to Mika. She’ll go if you bring her pure alcohol first. Walk up the stairs again and outside walk to the left and enter Scid’s on the far left. Talk to George behind the bar and ask about your dollar. He’ll send you to the bum. Ask for alcohol and he’ll tell you that you can but it for a dollar.

Use the door on the left and look around the office. Use the drawer in the desk to find a piece of PAPER and a DOLLAR. Leave the room again and give the dollar to George to get some ALCOHOL. Leave the bar and walk into the alley on the left. Talk to the bum and ask him what he wants before he helps you. He wants to see the written proof that he needs to help you in return of something else. It gives you an IDEA.


Leave the alley on the right and walk back to the apartment block on the right. Use the blue door and decide to go to the basement. Give the alcohol to Elandra and she’ll go to Mika for the interview.  Go up the stairs and outside use the blue door again. Visit Mika’s apartment, use door #2  and talk to her.  She’ll give you a PENCIL.

In your inventory use the idea on the paper to create the unwritten rules. Then use the pencil on the paper to write it down. Use the frame on the written rules to make them look official. Leave the apartment and walk down the stairs. Outside walk all the way to the left into the alley and give the framed rules to the bum.

The bum will tell you what he did with the dollar so you’ll attend the party. Once DieVieEs enters the room, talk to him and when he walks over to PegLeg, you’ll get your DOLLAR back… but not for long.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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