Murder Scene:

Talk to the ranger. Ask everything you can about the murder and the skunk-ape (6/6). Ask about the park and receive a brochure with a MAP (2/8). Ask about a plan and rangers not too scared to go and learn about Rick (3/11).

Examine the body more closely and see the tuft of HAIR it’s holding. Take it (2/13). Look at the gaping wound.

Open your inventory and select the brochure. Use it on yourself to see the map and go to the Ranger Station.

Ranger Station:

Open the door and enter the building. Look at the desk and search the drawers. Take the DIURETIC PILLS out (2/15). Talk to Rick. Ask him all you can. He’s not too happy to go with you unless you can find some protection. He’s referring to an amulet (1/16). He also tells you how to make one:

Leave Rick for now and go to the visitor center.

Visitor Center:

Talk to the strange man. Ask about himself and his protest (1/17). Learn another story than the skunk ape. Enter the center and talk to the receptionist. Learn about the fossils and the broken robot-indian (1/18). Walk over to the south side of the room and find the indian. Look at the coin slot, it’s jammed. Use your notepad on the coinslot and what it was that was stuck is now out (2/20). The idian will talk and do a dance. Reach into the coin return to find a QUARTER and an odd piece of ROCK (3/23).

Go to the mens room. Take the roll of TOILET PAPER (2/25) . Put the toilet paper in the toilet (3/28) and flush it. This will cause some blockage (5/33). Leave the toilet and use the waterpills on the white mug on the desk. The receptionist takes a sip and then has to run for the toilet……..tree…… The activist outside will keep him busy for some time (3/36). Go over to the display case and take a SHARK TOOTH from it (1/37). Leave the building and take the SIGN from the activist (2/39). Leave the visitors center and go to the forest.

The forest:

Use the sign on the tree in the middle (3/42). There sap oozing out of the tree. Use the hair on the sap (2/44) and then use the the tooth from the display case on the sappy hair (2/46) You manage to weave the hair into a necklace and attach the tooth to it. We now have our protection but it needs to be blessed. Go back to the visitor center.

The visitor center:

Walk to the back of the room to the indian. Use the amulet on the indian (3/49) and put your quarter in the slot. He’ll bless the chain for you (2/51). Now that we’ve a blessed amulet, we can go back to Rick.

Ranger Station:

Open the door and enter the Ranger Station. Give the amulet to Rick (2/53).


Rick takes you into the forest. He’ll give you a compass (1/54). While he’s setting up the tent, look in his backpack standing against the log. You find the NASAL DECONGESTANT (2/56). Walk to the west. Use the nose spray to get a clear smell. Remember the ape had a terrible smell? Click on the nose and follow the directions. Keep repeating this until you reach a cave (3/59). Enter the cave. Search the nest and take a large STICK out (1/60). Use the compass on the flint from the coin return to create a spark (1/61). Use the spark on the stick to create a torch (1/62). Use the lit stick on the pit (3/65).

You talk to Rick and after a conversation you go both back to the cave. Go into the cave and right out again because of the noise. There’s Rick with the skunk-ape. He wants to shoot the ape for the money. Not such a ranger after all. As soon as the ape attacks Rick you start running.

In the open spot, after loosing the ape, walk to the smoke. There’s a cabin. Open the door. Talk to Jed. You’re not happy since you mentioned finding the hiding place of the skunk ape. Go into the room on the left and talk to Jed again. He’ll explain everything. As soon as the ape enters, throw over the table, blinding Jed with the powder and the ape attacking Jed. Run for your life! (3/68).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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