Annie’s place:

Talk to Annie about her husband and the Galleon (2/2).  Take the BOWL from the table (3/5). Leave the house and go to the medicine man.

Medicine Man:

Look around. Look at all those bottles. On the bottom shelf on the right are a MORTAR AND PESTLE. Pick them up (3/8). Talk to the medicine man (2/10). Leave the shop and go to the right to the grocery store.

Grocery store:

The don’t sell much here. Just pickled eggs and corn. Let’s buy some CORN then (3/13). One door to the right is the bar. Let’s go there.

The bar:

On the corner is a box of MATCHES (3/16). Take them. Talk to the bartender (2/18) and order a BEER (3/21).  Talk to the old man. He’ll give you a DOWSING STICK (4/25). He wants you to make him some moonshine. Leave the bar and go to the coffee shop.

Coffee Shop:

Try to take the sugars from the counter. You can’t unless you buy some coffee. Oh well… buy some coffee then. Talk to the man behind the counter. After talking order a COFFEE (3/28). Take SUGAR from he service counter (3/31). Leave the shop and walk back to the front of Annies house. To the right is another building. Enter it.

Abandoned house:

Look at the safe. No use in hacking it yet. Look at the still. Here we might be able to get some whiskey. Use the dowsing stick on the lower part of the still (3/34). Use the matches on the stick (4/38).   Empty the beerbottle in the opening above the fire. It will result in a BLOB OF MALT (5/43). Leave the house and walk to the left, behind Annie’s house.


Look in the open crate and find a stick of DYNAMITE (3/46). Return to the abandoned house.

Abandoned house:

Use the dynamite on the safe (2/48) and use the matches on the dynamite (6/54).  Reach in the safe to find an old scrap of PAPER and a packet of YEAST (6/60). Look at the scrap of paper. It’s the recipe for whiskey. And we’ve got all ingredients. Put the sugar in the bowl (3/63). Put the yeast in the bowl (3/66) , put the corn in the pestle and morter and grind it (3/69). Now use the cornmeal in the bowl (3/72) and use the malt on thw bowl (3/75). Now use the bowl on the opening above the fire. You’re now an official moonshine producer (8/83). Leave the house and go to the bar.


The barkeeper will tell you that the old man went to Annies house and wait there.

Annie’s house:

Enter the house and the old man will talk to you about all posibillities. We need to go to the medicine man to take some stuff and then go back to Annies house.

Medicine Man:

Tell the medicine man about your journey to the sea. He wants to make you a travel bundle but is out of cactus extract and asks you to get him some (2/85).

The Field:

Go to the cactus behind Annie’s house. Try to take a piece of it. You can’t take it with your bare hands. Let’s see what else we can find. Go to the bar.

The Bar:

There’s a man darting. Talk to him. Then challenge him. You can use his knife if you can hit the bullseye. Try it if you like, you’re not gonna hit the bullseye. Leave the bar and go to the coffeeshop.

Coffee Shop:

Talk to the man behind the counter and ask about the banner. You can try the Jitter Juice. Order one. You get it for free. You immediately drink the coffee (4/89). Go back to the bar.

The Bar:

Talk to the darter again and challenge him again. Since you’re jittery, you’ll hit the bullseye right away. You now can take the KNIFE (3/92). Leave the bar and go back to the cactus again.

The Field:

Use the knife on the CACTUS to take a chunk out (3/95). Go back to the still in the abandoned house.

Abandoned house:

Use the cactus on opening above the fire of the still.  From the spout comes the cactus EXTRACT (3/98). Leave here and back to the medicine man.

Medicine man:

Give the cactus extract to the medicine man. He’ll give you your ANTI-VENOM KIT and TAPE (6/104). Go back to Annie’s place.

Annie’s Place:

Talk to the old man. He tells you you’re ready to go. You can use his car and drive to the sea and back with it. You’ll leave for the Salton Sea.

Salton Sea:

Pick up the flower (3/107). Walk to the left. There’s a man standing. Talk to him. Talk to him about the desert, the ship and the map (2/109). Learn about his allergy. If you’d like the map, the man has to leave first. Look at the metal box. Use it and find a wetsuit (5/114). It’s torn so you have to fix it first. Use the tape from the inventory on the wetsuit (4/118). Walk further to the left and find a lady and a balloon. Talk to her. Learn about the balloon and the gas tank. You can have the tank if you can inflate the balloon (2/120).

Walk further to the left and find the souvenir shop across the road. Enter it and look around. Take the large snowglobe from the shelf and receive and additional free pen (6/126). Talk to the shopkeeper (2/128). Use the knife in your inventory on the snowglobe (3/131). The water drained out. Use the makeshift helmet on the wetsuit (3/134). Use the pen on the paper with the recipe to make a kind of map (3/137).

Leave the shop and go back to Kim. Give her the valve to replace her broken knob. You may take the oxygen (3/140). Use the oxygen in your inventory on the diving suit (3/143). Go to the right to the man and his map. We need to switch the maps. Use the flower on the man to make him sneeze and when he does, switch his map with yours (3/146).

Leave the screen on the right, but behind the brown mountain. You’ll see another part of the sea. Read the sign. No use in swimming here. Look at the map (the real one!). You now know exactly  where the galleon is. It’s in the center (2/148). Put on your diving suit and dive into the sea (9/157).  

The Galleon:

After talking to George, give him the anti-venom kit to make him feel better (4/161). Talk to George again, now he’s able to and learn how he got to this location (2/163). Now we need to get out.

Use the bottle of moonshine on the lock (2/165). Use a match on the bottle to let it explode (5/170). Once outside meet the captain… at least what’s left of him. Walk throught the black doorway to the right of the jail cell. Try to get a black pearl. The captain will appear. Leave the room and go to the next. It’s a wine cellar. Take a bottle of wine (3/173). Talk to George about the ghost and the spirit box (2/175). Walk back to the previous room with the black pearls. Again try to take one of the pearls. Still not alowed. Talk to George again and ask for a distraction. While he’s talking to the captain, take a PEARL from the pile (3/178).

Now for the spirit box. Use the pearl from the inventory with the morter and pestle and grind the pearl to little pieces (3/181). Then put these pieces in the wine bottle (4/185). To let the ghost re-appear, try to take a pearl again. Now use the bottle with pearl on the ghost (20/205).


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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