The canyon: Look at Buck. He’s the dead man next to the wagon on your right (viewers left). You must hide him before others are searching for the skull. Move Buck behind the wagon. It’s better for him in the shade as well. Walk over to friar Bacon who’s digging a hole and talk to him. Ask him about Anselmo and learn about the bank in the city. Learn about the monestery and infiltrating there. Aks him what he’s doing with a axe and he’ll notice the body’s gone. While he’s running back and forth, take his axe. First the PICKET, than the PICKAXE. Use the picket to hit friar Bacon. He’ll be sleeping for a while.Take his CASSOCK. Walk over to the donkey and follow the path to the left. It will lead to the monastery.


Talk to the French soldier and learn about general Lardbelly. Talk about the aroma of the pipe and he’ll give you TABACCO. Look at the tabacco. That’s very light. Talk to the mexican sleeping. Go back to the path and the donkey will take you back to the canyon.


Friar Bacon is awake. He’s a bit confused. He thinks he’s General Lardbelly. He’s missing his star, hat and revolvers. Get the mule and leave for town  (use the mule and select canyon). 

Big Town:

Enter the shed on the right and look around. Climb the ladder to look upstairs. There’s a parking sign. Try to move it. Oops. Climb back down again. Look at the wooden bucket. It’s full if twisted screws except for 1. You’ll take the SCREW. Before you go out again, pick up the P-SIGN. Look at the sign in your inventory. It’s a lid from a barrel. Leave the barn.

Walk further to the left and find a well next to the horses. Look at the well. Try to talk to it. It answers!! Meet Sam. He says he’s a pianoplayer. You can’t help him at the moment so leave him and walk back to the right. In the north you can go to town. You’ll see the station. Outside is a signal post. Try to move one of the levers. Enter the station and talk to the telegraphist. Doesn’t make much sense since he’s deaf. Look at the bookshelf. On the top one is a book about morse code. Try to take it and the telepgraphist will stop you. Look at the teleprinter and read what’s on it.

Leave the station and walk further to the left. In front of the General Store is a box. Open the box and you’ll take some LOGS. Enter the store and talk to the shopkeeper, Bobby. See what you can buy, but you don’t have any money. Leave the store and walk further.

Next to the store is jail. Enter it and talk to Pettyboom. Leave him for now and walk to the left.

The bank where you can open an account. Talk to the cashier and open an account. A ticket will be sent to you. Talk more and ask for credit. There are two options. Use them both and you’ll have $40. 

Try to enter the saloon. You’ll be stopped. Ask him why you can’t enter and he’ll tell you only real men or his buddies can get in. Tell him you want to get in and who’s gonna stop you. He’ll tell his name. Pretend you know him (Aren’t you Swappy Smith?) and tell him you were in the same school. When asked for the biggest dunce, tell him it was Pettyboom. You can enter now.

Talk to everyone in the saloon. Especially with the cardplaying Sherrif and the bartender. Ask the bartender for a drink and ask him the empty bottle. Tell him you want to put a model of a ship in it and when you tell him how it’s done (make it flat) he’ll give you the BOTTLE. Look at the bottle. It has a map on it how to find the distillery. Ask the barman for coffee and he’ll tell you the maker disappeared.

Climb the stairs. Open the door on the right and talk to the lady. She’ll eventually tell you where Mimy keeps her money. Open the door on the left. It’s closed. Look through the key hole. You find Dickson sleeping there.

Go outside and talk to the lady on the balcony. Tell her you’re looking for Dickson. Tell her he’s the mean looking guy, sounds like Lee Van Cleef , one eye and boots. He’s indeed next door and sometimes on the balcony.

Talk to the old lady next to the saloon. Ask her what she’s mending and she’ll ask you to get her son. Tell her you’ll get him. Walk to the General Store and talk to the shopkeeper. Tell him his mother is looking for him. He’ll leave. Perfect time to do some ‘shopping’.  Take BISCUITS, COFFEE, SUGAR and CIGARS from behind the counter. Take the CARROTS from the other end of the store. Leave the shop.

Enter the church between the bank and the saloon. Talk to Parish Priest. Tell him not to be affraid of friar Anselmo. Enter the door on the right. You’ll be sent off again. Leave the church for now and go back to jail.

Tell Mr. Pettyboom that you can help him with the inventory. Tell him the coffeemaker isn’t supposed to be there. You can then take the COFFEE POT. Leave for the station. Use the coffeepot with the water tower to fill her up. Use the coffee with the coffee pot to make a nice cup.

Look at the trolley. It doesn’t work. Use the screw on the trolly.Use it again. Now we can go to the waterfall, the cemetery, Fort Apache and Indian Village. Let’s visit Indian Village first.

Indian Village:

In a pole next to you is a KNIFE. Take it out. Enter the tent the Witch Doctor is standing by through the rip on the right side. If you use the main entrance, the doctor will curse you. Inside, pickup the CANDLE. Also pick up the strange bottle. It’s MAGIC CLOUD. Leave the tent the way you came and outside walk to the far left. There’s an apache guarding a tent. Talk to him. You can’t go in at first because it’s top secret. But when you give him something, you can enter. After some questioning, you find out that it must be soft, flexible, not much used, chewed or marked and inflatable.

Go back to the apache at the totem pole. Talk to him and ask him about the meeting. Learn about the “Iron Horse”, the peace treaty and the festival afterwards. When there’s nothing more to say, leave him and enter the tent next to the white horse. It’s the museum. Talk to the security apache. Learn about the golden skull and the festival. The security is not very good then. Maybe a good time to steal it. Look at all the objects the apache told you about. There’s a basket on the left. Look inside. Make sure you take a MATCHBOX out. Leave the village by using the trolley on the far right. Now go to the forrest (you must have looked at the whiskey bottle to be able to enter it..).

The forrest:

Walk across the bridge to the other side, past the tree. Look in the tree, there’s some fabric from a BALLOON. Take it from the tree and put in your pocket… Look at it. It’s torn. Maybe someone can mend it for us? Walk over to the other tree on the other side of the house. There’s something stuck on it. It’s GUM. Use the knife from your inventory to pry it off the tree. Now enter the hut. There’s Tom trying to make whiskey. Talk to Tom about the ingredients. He needs water, sugar and barley. On your way out pick up the FISHING ROD.  Outside, use the rod on the river and catch a …. HORN. Let’s go to the fort.

Fort Apache:

Talk to the engine driver outside. Goto the front door of the fort and enter. Talk to the lieutenant. So there will be no peace. Talk to the soldiers as well. Then go the door on the far left with a horse standing in front of it. There’s a triangle outside. It’s the kitchen. Open the cupboard and take the TABASCO out. Leave the kitchen. Walk to the purple door behind the soldiers. To the left of it is a window. Look through the window and find the colonel in a tub. He wants a towel. Talk to the colonel. Learn about the peace treatie. Then we’ve got to find him a towel.

Turn left and climb the stairs to the walkway. On the left is a trap door. Open the door. It leads to the armory. You can see some weapons but you can’t reach them. Use the fishing rod on the trap to catch…. DYNAMITE. Close the trap door and find one of the look-outs parading the walkway. Talk to him. Learn about lowering the flag. Only when the thingummabob sounds. Do some impressions of instruments. Of course it’s the bugle. Use the horn and the flag will be lowered. Pick up the FLAG and go down again.

Go to the window of the colonel again and give him the flag. He’s getting dressed.

Let’s go back to the indians again. Click on the map and select Indian Village.

Indian Village:

 Walk all the way to the left to the tent with the guarding apache in front. Give him the gum. You can enter. Listen to the conversation about smoking. Agree to smoke the pipe. When you get the pipe, use the tabacco light from your inventory on it so you don’t cough. Now the senator wants to smoke and doesn’t want to return the pipe. The treaty is signed and it’s time to party.

When the party is going, go back to the tent you had you meeting in. In the center is a cauldron. Look inside. Take the SEEDS out. Time to leave and go to the cemetary.


On the tree is a ROPE. Take it. Look at the parrot. Talk to the parrot. Give her a cookie.  While she’s eating, you can grab the PARROT. Use the picket and the axe together to make a new pick. Then use the pick on the plot on the left. Use the seeds on the furrows and use the magic cloud bottle to get some water there. Pick up the BARLEY. Leave to go back to the fort again.

Fort Apache:

Enter the room of the colonel, straight ahead. Move the BARREL. Pick up the SPONGE. Take the UNIFORM of the colonel. It’s dirty and needs to be cleaned. Walk al the way to the left. There’s the jail. Look at the alarm. Good thing you picked up the sponge. Use it on the alarm. Go out the front foor and walk to the right. The first next door is of jail. Open it en go in. Look at the sleeping lieutenant. Is het asleep? Talk to the man. Learn about the coloner, the sergeant and the lieutenant. Leave jail and walk further to the right. The brown door on the blue wall. It’s the laundry room with Wun Hung Lo. Talk to the man. Read the noticeboard. Then give the uniform to Wun and he’ll clean it for you. You must come back later. Take the bowl of RICE from the stool and leave for now.

 The brown door to the right on the brown wall is the door to the sergeants room. Open it and enter. Talk to the sergeant. Then talk to the ladies on the couch. Look at the board with all the medals. The star of New Mexico is there as well. Try to take it.  Leave the room and pick up the uniform at the laundry service.

Talk to Wun again and ask for your uniform. Look at it. It’s really clean. And there’s a KEY in it. Go back to the colonel’s room and find the door under the alarm. It’s locked but now that you have a key you can unlock it. Walk over to the safe and look at it. It’s got a crank and a combination lock. We haven’t got a combination, nor a clue so we’ll leave. Go to the kitchen again.

We’ll make us a nice pot of coffee. Put the logs in the oven and use the matches on them. Use the coffee pot on the hotplate and wait for the coffee. Pick up the COFFEE again. Use the rice in the bowl on the other hotplate. Now that the food part is done, let’s focus on the whiskey. Go back to town to get some water.

Big Town:

You end up with your trolley in front of Big Town Station. Use the barrel with the water tank and it will be filled. Put the barley in the barrel followed by the sugar. No the barrel needs to be closed. What did we find for that? Ah! The P-Sign. Use it as a lid on the barrel and go to the distillery in the forrest.

The forest: 

Tom makes you some strong whiskey. Now let’s hope the apaches will like it as well.

Indian Village:

Everyone passed out. Strong stuff that whiskey. Take the golden skull on the pole on the left of the totem. The colonel will be there too and take the skull. Use your empty bottle and use it on the barrel. See if the sergeant really beat his drinking problem. Leave for town.

Big Town:

Walk all the way to the left to the barber shop and give the balloon to the old lady. That’s fast. Go to the church. Use the candle with the candelabra. Use the matches with the candle. Talk to the priest. That candle sure did something. Use the parrot on the confession box. Talk to the priest again and ask for friar Enselmo to hear your confession. Enselmo will come out. When he entered the confession box, you can go into his room. The parrot will do the talking. Take the TICKET from the desk and open the trunk. Inside is a GUNBELT. Take it. Look at the ticket. It’s a deposit for the golden skull. Let’s go to the bank.

Enter the bank. Use the cassock to disguise as a monk. The cashier recognises Frier Anselmo. Give the ticket and you can see the golden skull. But the lock of the safe is broken. Tell the cashier that this is the most incompetent bank and that you will tell all clients. You change back to Fenimore. Talk to the cashier and close the account. He’ll ask you to have a go at the safe. Use the dynamite from your inventory on the handle of the safe. Then use the matches on the dynamite. Let’s hide! After the real Anselmo is being accused of everything leave the bank and go to the saloon. In order to get the bucket so we can get the pianoplayer out, go upstairs and use the magic cloud bottle. They think it’s a leak and move the bucket near the exit. Go downstairs and take the BUCKET.  Go between the church and the bank and you’ll end up near the barn and the mule. Walk to the left to the well.

Talk to Sam and ask him if something fell in the well. Tell him it’s yours. Use the bucket on the well and use the handle to lower the bucket. Then use the handle again to raise the bucket. He gave you the SKULL. And on it? It’s a STEPHOSCOPE. Used to open strongboxes. Go back to town, to the saloon. The lady isn’t on the balcony anymore because they’re dancing. Enter the saloon. There they are. So the rooms are empty! Now how to get on the balcony? Enter the church. On the left side is a black spot in the roof. It’s the belfry. Go there. Then click on the balcony where Dickson’s room is. Dickson is just about to leave.

Enter his room and look around. Open the drawer of the desk, look in it and take a MANUAL out. Read the manual. Fake aces and fake money. Leave the room and open the door to the other room. There are the pillows the dancer mentioned. Take both PILLOWS and use the knife in your inventory on the pillows in your inventory. One of them contains a $100 BILL.  Leave the saloon and walk between the church and the bank again to your donkey. Give the donkey a carrot and while it’s eating it, you can take the HAT. Click on the map and go to the monastery.


Talk to the sleeping Mexican. No response. Use the coffee on the mexican. Talk to him again. Tell him he’s an imposter and doesn’t know where the hideout is. He’ll prove you otherwise and tell you the location. Let’s see if he’s right. Let’s go to the canyon.

Canyon – Hideout:

Just to the right of the wagon is a big rock. Just above it is a cave. Enter the cave. On the floor on the pink carpet are CARDS. Pick them up. Look at them and discover it’s a set of aces. Walk around a bit and try to talk to some people. Not much are ready to talk. There’s a pot with a strong smell and a basket for a balloon. Climb the tower and talk to the man there. So we really met General Lardbelly before! Learn about the man, the story of the skulls and the monastery. When you’re done talking you’ll walk down the tower again. Leave the revolutionary and go back to Big Town by selecting it on the map.

Big Town:

Walk to the right of the stable and you’re in the middle of town. Enter the bank. The explosion didn’t destroy all the CASH. Take it from the left drawer. Leave the bank and go to the saloon and talk to the sherrif. Ask if you  can join a game. Tell him you’ve got some dollars and use the seat to the right of him. Play a few hands. See if you can beat them…. When you want to go on with the game, tell them you’ve got to check what you’ve got. Use the $100 from the inventory on the aces on your inventory…

Talk to Pettyboom. It doesn’t get you out. Talk to Dickson. He’s not the friendly type. Pick up the STONE that’s in front of you. Use the stone on Pettyboom and he’ll really hit the bullseye. Take the DART from Dicksons behind and use it on the ring on the ceiling that holds the rope. When you finally cut the ring, it’s dark outside but at least you’re free. Unfortunately you have to take Dickson with you.

Click on the bottom of the screen to go to town. Walk around the watertower and you’re at the Bigtown Station. It’s quite windy this night. Open the door and notice how it’s slammed behind you after you’ve been asked to leave. There must be a way to get in. Or better, the telegraphist to get out. Move the levers on the signal. Turn them to green. The trick here is to time it so that the door slams shut the moment he’ll try to get back in. Just try it a few times if it doesn’t succeed at once.  When he’s out cold the same goes for you. You must wait for the wind to calm down to enter the station. Once inside go to the bookshelves and take the  BOOK about morse from the top shelf. Read it and learn morse. Use the equipment on the desk to send your message. Leave the station.

You can complete your inventory again. Everything’s there. Even more: an extra KEY. Look at it. It might be of the prison at the fort. Let’s find out by going there.

Fort Apache:

Go to the sergeants office, the left most door. Give the bottle of whiskey to the sergeant.  You have to place in on the shelf. He won’t be drinking when you’re around. Leave the room and talk to the warden who’s now standing in front of jail. When the subject of malnutricion comes up, you offer to make a meal. He can only eat rice. And when dinner’s ready, ring the triangle. We’ll do! Now back to the sergeant. Look at him. Hasn’t really quit yet. Go to the ladies and tell them about the sergeant. While the ladies are concerned about the sergeant, you can concern about the medals. Take the orange small one in the center of the display. It’s the STAR of New Mexico. Look at it. It has a CORKSCREW on it. Separate them. Let’s go to the kitchen and prepare a meal.

Use the corkscrew on the bottle of tabasco and use the tabasco on the bowl of rice. Go outside and use the triangle. The warden will leave his post for his dinner. Walk over to the unguarded prison and use your new key on the prison door. Go inside and talk to friar Anselmo. Then talk to Bull. Ask him to open the strongbox and give him the stethoscope. Now you must distract LeConte. Leave the cell and go to the soldiers outside. Talk to them. You will distract them and Bull can enter the room. When he’s in, follow him.

Go all the way to the left to the safe. Watch Bull working on the safe and find the skulls…..


Climb the waterfall on the right. On top, use the rope on the rock in the middle of the stream to swing behind the water. Look at the place. In the back there are bars. Look at them. It’s the monastery. Go back over the path on the left. We need to get back to the canyon.


Give the general a hat, his guns and the star of New Mexico. Talk to the man. Tell him where he can find his men. Tell him about the hideout and you’ll go there.

Canyon – Hideout:

Talk to the general about his plans and what’s needed for that. The french speaking, the second entrance and the attack from the air. Well, you can help with all! Give him the balloon and he’ll throw it down. When done speaking tell him you’ll go for a siesta and you’ll climb down the tower. Use the fabric on the right of the basket and a balloon will be made. Climb back up the tower and tell the general so (about the air support…. ). When finished, mention siesta again and you’re down. Now go to Big Town.

Big Town:

Walk to the the right of the stable to town. Enter the saloon. You’re just in time to overhear Leconte and Anselmo. Talk to them. Tell them your plan and Leconte will tell you he can be the one on the inside if he had his constume. And Anselmo has the key but doesn’t know the secret entrance. Luckilly you can help. Give the french uniform to Leconte. Talk to Anselmo and tell him about the entrance. He’ll leave as well. Now we need to inform Lardbelly again. Back to the canyon. Enter the cave there.

Canyon – Hideout:

Goto the tower and talk to Lardbelly. Tell him about the man on the inside and the surprise attack. It’s time for action!


Open the door on the left, right behind Lardbelly. It’s the entrance to the monastery. Look around. Enter the first door on the left. It’s the prison. Look around. The prison is opened and closed by the wheel. Use the wheel to raide the gate. Look at the mexican. Then take the BALL on his feet. Leave the room again. Leave the building by take the stairs at the bottom. You’ll join the general again. To the left of him is a cannon. Use the rope on the cannon to climb the wall. Then move the cannon and use the ball on it. The cannon will be fired. Move the cannon again and use the rope on the cannon to climb down again. Go back inside again. Use the corridor in the center of the screen.

You’ll get to another part of the monastery. Open the door your standing in front of. A room with a cabinet with a lot of drawers. Open the ones on the left side and use them as ladder to climb the cabinet. This way you can use the hose that’s hanging out of the window and put it on the tap of the barrel. Step out of the window. Use the hose on the window on the right, just above the flat roof. You’ll spray some liquid over the French.

Look at the same window again and use the matches from your inventory on the books beneath the Franch soldiers. It will go up in flames.

Enter the building through the doors behind the pool. Listen to Anselmo. A green book…. At the bottom of the staircase are some books…. one of them is green. Could it be… ? Pick up the book and look at it. Yep, there’s the key. Climb the stairways all the way up. At the top is a door. Use the key on the door and find…. the three skulls. Meet the oracle.

Walk to the right to the carpet hanging on the wall. Move it to reveal a painting. Take a close look at it. Walk over to the left. Look at the statues. To the left of the statues is the sun. Move the sun and change it into a moon. Walk back to the center and now at the far right a cave is revealed. Enter the cave.

.. watch the end …

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