Ranger Station:

Talk to the old ranger about the skunk ape (5/5), the murders (5/10) and the sightings (5/15). Talk about Ranger Rick to learn where you can find him (2/17). Use the fridge on the right to get the SANDWICH out (2/19). Use the desk on the right under the radio to find a BROCHURE of the park (2/21). Leave the station on the left.

Outside is Ranger Rick waiting. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the amulet you’ll need (3/24). Walk left and talk to the environmentalist standing in front of the building. He’ll tell you the other side of the story. Talk to the receptionist to learn more about the skunk ape, the computer and the display cases.

Look at the posters on the wall to the right of the activist and take the POSTER on the right with you (3/27).


Use the computer on the left of the activist and insert the poster you took from the wall in the slot at the bottom (1/28).  Insert the brochure as well (1/29) and out comes a new POSTER (5/34). Give the poster to the activist and he’ll take it to the receptionist, distracting her (4/38).  Use the display case to take the SHARK TOOTH out (2/40).

Walk north to the right of the building to reach an open clearing. Drop your sandwich on the clearing (3/43) and walk back south to the visitor center. Go north again and see that you sandwich is gone but your a tuft of HAIR is left behind. Pick up the hair (4/47) and in your inventory combine the hair and the shark tooth to make an AMULET (3/50).

Walk south and to the right and give the amulet to Ranger Rick (7/57). He’ll take you into the forest. Since there’s no light you need to get some firewood. Talk to Rick about the skunk ape and he’ll give you a COMPASS (2/59).  Walk to the left to find a cave. There’s a stick in front of the cave. Take the STICK (2/61) and walk into the cave on the left.

Put the stick on the ground (5/66) and smash the compass against the cave wall to spark the stick you put there. You then pick up the BURNING STICK (3/69).  Throw the burning stick down the pit in the center to see what’s down there (15/84).

In the night follow the smell and walk to the left. To save yourself you run into the house. Use the couch to find the REMOTE CONTROL (2/86). Use the remote on the TV to find the control program for the ape (4/90). Put the compass on top of the TV to mess up the signal (10/100).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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