Annie’s place:

Talk to Annie about her husband. She’ll give you a copy of the POLICE REPORT (1/1).  Also talk about  the Galleon (1/2). Look at the police report in your inventory to learn about the details. Take the BOWL from the table (1/4). Leave the house and on the map select Downtown Dunesberg. Enter the first door on the left.

Medicine Man:

Look around. Look at all those bottles. On the middle  shelf on the right are a MORTAR AND PESTLE. Pick them up (1/5) to buy them. On the skeleton is a STETHOSCOPE. Take it with you (1/6).  Talk to the man behind the counter and ask about spirituality. He’ll give you a BOOK about the subject (1/7). In your inventory, use the book to find the BOOKMARK (1/8). Leave the shop and look at the statue in front of the door. Use the statue to tear a GLASS TUBE from it (1/9). Go to the right to the super market.

Super market:

Talk to the man at the shelves. Talk about British food and he’ll give you a sample of MARMITE (1/10). In the far left corner is a basket with vegetables. Take an ear of CORN out. Take a box of CHOCOLATE BALLS from the shelf next to the man and give it to the cashier to pay for it (2/12).  Leave the store on the right and enter the bar next to the super market.

The bar:

On the corner is a box of MATCHES (1/13). Take them. Talk to the bartender about the Galeon and he’ll tell  you about George Roberts (1/14).  Ask more about George (1/15) and order a beer. You’ll keep the BOTTLE (1/16). Talk to the old prospector about George and the Galeon. He’ll tell you about it if you make him moonshine first. He’ll give you a DOWSING STICK (2/18). Leave the bar and walk all the way to the right to see the map. Go to Radley House.

Radley House:

The front door is locked. Use the laminated bookmark on the door to unlock it (1/19) and use the door to enter the house.  Look at the safe. No use in hacking it yet. Use the stethoscope on the safe to open it and find a scrap of PAPER and a CROWBAR inside (3/22). Look at the paper to see it’s the recipe for the moonshine (1/23). Leave the house again and walk to the left to return to the map. Visit the abandoned mine.

Abandoned Mine:

The entrance is nailed shut. Use the crowbar on the boards to remove them (1/24) and enter the cave. On the table is a SIGNAL SCRAMBLER. Pick it up (1/25) and leave the mine again. Walk to the right to see the map and go back to Downtown Dunesberg. Go to the coffee shop on the right.

Coffee Shop:

Talk to the barista behind the counter. He’ll tell you to wait in line. Talk to the man first in line and ask him about his order. Go through all options and in the tell him not to order anything. The man leaves (1/26). Now to the woman on the phone.  In your inventory use the scrambler to turn it on and the woman will leave right away (1/27).

Talk to the barista behind the counter about everything and order COFFEE to get the SUGAR (2/29). Leave the shop and walk to the right to see the map. Walk to the abandoned mine. Time to make some moonshine.

Abandoned mine:

In your inventory put the malted chocolate balls in the mortar and use the mortar and pestle to grind the balls. This will result in the powdered MALT (1/30). Take the corn and put it in the mortar. Use the mortar to grind the corn and get the CORNMEAL (1/31). Put the powdered malt, the cornmeal, the sugar and the Marmite in the bowl.

Use the dowsing stick on the bathtub to function as firewood (1/32). Put the glass tube on the tub as well (1/33). Put the bowl with ingredients in the bathtub (1/34) and use the matches to light the firewood (4/38).  In your inventory use the bowl with moonshine on the empty beer bottle to get the MOONSHINE (1/39).

Walk to the right to leave the place and on the map select Annie’s house.

Annie’s house:

Give the silver bowl back to Annie (1/40) and leave the house again. On the map select Downtown Dunesberg. Walk into the bar.


Give the moonshine to the old prospector and he’ll tell you all you know. He’ll give you a tracker and the KEYS to his car (1/41) and you can drive to the desert where the tracker takes you.

Bombay Beach:

Use the crowbar on the trunk of the white car to pop it and find the beacon and a DIARY inside (1/42). In your inventory read the diary and find the poem (1/43). So there need to be three metals. Walk to the left to oversee the desert valley.

Walk north to the distant trailer. Talk to the man in front and learn about his hit song. He’ll tell you about his platinum record and he needs help with his song. He gives you his SONG (1/44) and it’s for you to finish it. Look at the song in your inventory and you must put the right pictures on the right line. But you don’t have the right images yet.

Walk south to the valley and look at the debris (p1). Walk to the motel on the right. Go into the motel. Use the drawer under the dresser to find SILVERWARE (1/45). Take the plastic FLOWERS from the table on the right (1/46). Use the ledger to see the last entry and look at the picture on the wall (p2). Walk left to leave the lobby and left again into the valley.

Walk to the trailer on the left and talk to the obese woman in front of the trailer. Talk about the Aqua Lad and you’ll get a ticket to enter the trailer (1/47). Walk inside and talk to Aqua Lad. Talk about him and his escape (1/48). He can’t as long as him mom is outside. Talk about the trophies and his mum (1/49). Leave the trailer and walk to the lower right to return to the valley.

Walk to the left to find a man on a slide. Talk to him to learn about his sorrow. Maybe you can help him with his date (1/50). Give him the flowers (1/51) and the malt chocolate balls (1/52). He’ll leave for a date. Look at the famous Salton Sea (p3). Walk to the right to leave the beach and return to the trailer on the left.  You’ll see ‘mama’ and the man leave on a date (1/53).

Enter the trailer and talk to Aqua Lad again. Give him the car keys and he’ll leave (2/55). Take the GOLD TROPHY from the shelf (1/56). Leave the trailer and walk to the lower right to return to the valley. Walk to the right to return to where your car was and look at the desert road (p4). Walk left and north to the distant trailer to return to the singer. In your inventory look at the song and put ‘explode’ on line one (1/57). Put ‘debris’ on line 2 (1/58). ‘The road’ should go on line 3 (1/59) and ‘the Salton Sea’ on line 4 (1/60).

Give the song back to Edgar and he’ll give you his PLATINUM RECORD (1/61).  Walk south to return to the valley and walk to the left to the beach of the Salton Sea. Throw the silverware (1/62), the gold trophy (1/63) and the platinum record into the Salton Sea (1/64) and watch the Galleon rise.

The Galleon:

Use the SAIL to tear a piece off (1/65). Use the crowbar on the  hatch (1/66) and  go down below where you’ll find George Roberts. George is weak so give him the coffee (1/67).  Now he needs to get out of his cell. In your inventory put the piece of sail into the bottle of moonshine (1/68) and place the molotov cocktail on the cell door (1/69). Use the matches on the molotov cocktail to blow the door open (2/71).

Walk to the right and take the CHEST from the floor (1/72). Remember the book about the spirit box? Walk into the room on the left and take BONES from the captain’s bed (1/73). Use the desk to see what happens. Walk to the south to leave the room and enter the hut on the right. There’s the second part of your ‘spirit box’ but there’s a problem when you try to pick it up.

Talk to George and ask him to distract the ghost in the other room. Now you can take  COINS from the pile (1/74). In your inventory put the bones and coins in the chest and you have a SPIRIT BOX (2/76).  Put the box with the rest of the treasure on the floor (1/77)  and try to take some of the treasure again to lure the ghost (5/82).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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