Someone burnt down your tree hut. And you know who! Let’s go after that evil dragon!

Look at the fountain and grab that heavy thing from the bottom. It’s a piece of METAL. Walk to the right and near the mountains find some stuff. Pick up the BOOK and learn the recipe to paralyze a dragon. You need ACID and grinded POPCORN. How convenient, it’s all there. Move your mouse to the top right corner and use the acid with the powder. It starts to react. Then use the metal with the mixture. The metal dissolves and your mixture is finished.

Walk to the south and then to the left, past the fountain and keep walking to the left until you reach the cave. Enter the cave and talk to the dragon. He’s not impressed. Throw the mixture on the dragon and start walking from left to right to avoid being burned. [Note: It can be quite hard to avoid the fireballs. Set the game speed to fast and save between fireballs from time to time]

After a while the dragon is getting tired and hides further in the cave, eventually dies there. Outside the cave walk to the fountain on the right and north, back home. You have your revenge!


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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