You want to demonstrate your evilness since nobody knows you anymore. But then you need something to do it with.

Use the door to leave the communications room. On the map select the attic. A lot of stuff here. In the lower right corner is a red BOOK. Take it and use it in your inventory. You can see a code. On the left is a pile of junk. Use it to move it and find a THINGAMABOB underneath. Take that as well. Finally take the BOMB and leave the attic. On the map select the library.

In the lowerleft corner on the bottom shelf is a green BOOK called codebook. Take the book and look at it in your inventory. In the right top drawer of the desk are some papers. Look at the drawer to get the PAPER, it’s a rebus.

The rebus:


Tie (i=h) –> The, Cup (u=om) –> comp, Letter (-t -r) –> lete, India (-n a=ot +’s) –> idiot’s, slide (sl=gu) –> guide, 2 –> to, globe –> world, domino (-o) –> domin, alien (l=t e=o) –> ation.

Click on the pictures to enter the words. When complete, you’ll remember something about it but not all. Look at the bookshelf left of the door. On the second one from the top you can see a red book that says ‘book’ instead of books. Take that BOOK. It’s the idiot’s guide. Look at the book and find a piece of paper. Leave the library and go to the cellar.

Look at the robot at the bottom of the screen. It’s broken. Use the robot to look inside. Below the green bar is an empty space. Take the thingamabob out of your inventory and put it there. Now there are four wires. Slot 1 is the green one. Slot 2 is the red one, slot 3 is the blue one and slot 4 is the brown one. It’s fixed and will go to work. Leave the attic and go to the backdoor.

The robot is fixing the canon. When it’s finished, use the bomb from the inventory on the canon. On the sode of the canon is a small button. Push it to arm the canon. Enter the house again and go to the comms room. Use the panel on the left side and you’ll see some strange charcters. But we saw them on the note found in the idiot’s guide. Let’s use the same symbols. Number the keys from left to right, top to bottom from 1 to 9. Press 6, 2, 7, 8 and 4. You’re signal is now encrypted.

Look at the blue code book in your inventory and you can see 5 names with codes behind it. The first two you can talk to, the last three you can bomb.

To talk to Bush (use 13579) or talk to Ban-Ki Moon (use 24568).

Use the red lever on the right to set the machine to nuke mode. Then bomb either Paris (use 75369), Texas (use 35741) or New York (use 78963). Use the red lever on the right again to return to comms mode.

Then talk to one of the leaders again. When you bombed New York, you can’t talk to Ban-Ki Moon anymore since he was working there.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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