Chapter One:

Click at the bottom of the stairs. Then click on the first balcony. Click on the crane to lower it and click until the crane holds the beam below and the debris on the right stops falling. Click on the door to the right of the crane and someone will come and check the chute. He thinks it’s blocked so he’ll lower a ladder to check it out. You can climb the ladder.

Shoot the target above the crane a few times to get the coathanger. Use the hanger to get to the other side. But you can only do this when both lights are green. You have to wait until you can see the cart on the top rail before you slide to the other side.

Chapter Two:

Turn the blue wheel a few times to open the doors. Use bucket to the left of the house to let it fall on the target below. This will turn on the TV’s. Check for each TV the colour and then click on the blue door below. Enter the same colours on the computer. Click on the blue bird on the top beam and watch where it goes. Click again and it will be close to you. Click a final time on the bird to get a ladder and use it to climb on the beam.

Open the bucket that fell on the floor to let a ball out. Click on the house to let the man come out, he’ll go after the ball. Click on yourself to enter the house and go up the stairs. Click on the doors of the elevator to go to the next level.

Chapter Three:

Click on the fan twice to blow the hat from the man at the top of the roof. Then click on the man to let him get his hat and activate the digital board. Click on the door of that building to let a man come out who will throw a paper plane with the solution to the digital board. Click on the purple bird to view the solution. But beware! The solution on paper is rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise. So the bottom of the paper is the left side of the board. Now copy the solution.

When done right a target will appear in the center of the board. Click on Balloon Head to let her walk to the target. Click on the handle below the fan to slide the crane to the right. That way Balloon Head won’t hit her … shoulders? Click on Balloon Head to rocket her into space going after her Balloon… Head.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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