Chapter One:

Click on the three spines of the cactus to make them bigger. Do that again to make them into flowers. And again to turn them into balls and again to let them fall off the cactus. Wake the turtle and he will go to the balls to eat them. He’s pulling a cart with a balloon on it. Click on the tube laying on the ground next to the balloon and the one sitting on the back of the cart wil start blowing the balloon until it floats. Along the way it will pick up the others.

Chapter Two:

Click on the mushroom on your left to jump on it. Then jump on the one above it and then grab the branch and go to the end of it. Click on the ball below to let yourself fall down, making the dog sneeze and leave.

Click on the leaves of the plant below the tree and you’ll see an opening behind it. Click on it to enter. The others will follow. Jump onto the daisy with the long stem. Click on the frog on the right so he’ll try to catch the dragonfly. The dragonfly will make the daisy swing and when it’s close, jump on it. Click on the cane to the right and climb up until it bends over back to the tree. The others can walk over now.

Chapter Three:

There’s a little worm crawling out of the coral left of the octopus. Click on it and it will release some bubbles. Make sure you do this just as a fish will swim by. The fish will eat the bubble, the octopus will eat the fish and leave because of the air. Click on the hatch of the submarine to go in.

Click on the porthole on the right to get a closer look at the controls. Use the middle one to start the engine. Use the top one to surface and use the bottom one to go forward. Meet the rest…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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