Chapter 1:

Aliens landed on your planet and taking your fruit. Click on the dog to scare them off. Oops.. They took the dog! After them!

Chapter 2:

Select the top porthole from your spaceship to get out. As soon as you walk downstairs you’re picked up by a nasty plant. On the plant left of the robot is a caterpillar eating. Pick it up and put it on the plant holding you. You’ll be dropped. Walk to the left side of the screen.


Click on the orange opening in the cave. That way you can see what’s inside. It looks like you have to make some soup. To the left are two creatures of which one is taking all the water from the supply. Push the little one and it’ll fall off. The big one takes a bit of time to put it back on the pipe again. On the shelf inside are three jars with corks on it. Take the cork from the middle jar. Push the little creature from the pipe and as soon as the big tries to pick the little one up, push the cork on the hole in the pipe. Watersupply is restored. Use the pump to get water in the cauldron. To the left of the cauldron are two handles. Turn the right one so the right funnel will lean to the right.

In the flower stems above the snail is a creature. Click it to make it swing to another stem. On that one click again to make it go back to the first again and spill some seeds in the funnel. Turn the cock below the cauldron to turn up the heat and boil the water. Then use the cock on the spigot to pour the water in the bucket. This will attracht the snail and let him sleep, leaving the hammer. Pick up the hammer.

Use the hammer to hit the robot on the head. This will make him open the gate and you can climb the ladder down.

Chapter 3:

Walk to the right…. hold on! There’s a wood louse on the left. His path is being blocked by a snail. Click the snail to remove it and the wood louse can move freely. A bit to the left of that path a rat is sleeping. Wake the rat at the moment the wood louse passes. The rat will eat the wood louse…. not!. The fly likes the mushroom. Give it a push to make it go to the remains of the wood louse. Once there, click on yourself to make you jump the pipe and the fly to leave it’s spot again. The fly will end up in the spider web and the spider will make a nice yo-yo. Click on the end of the thread to swing to the hole in the tree.

Chapter 4:

Open the fridge to let the rat out. It will crawl into the hole in the ceiling. Click on that hole to get the rat out. Just some crumbs. Try again. That’s a splitter! Pick up the splitter and put it in the socket where the plug of the light is. You can then plug the fridge in and have light at the same time! The fridge will vibrate off it’s spot revealing a drain. Click on the hook above the drain to hook the drain and pull the cord to lift it. Tie the rope to the stairs and you can go in. You must have forgotten something….

Click on the black hole behind you. Some kind of production line. On the wall near you is a flashlight. Take it and walk back to the fridge. Take the ladder to the container below. Flush the container with the cord hanging on the right. Ah. Water keeps flowing. We must stop that. While the waterlevel is at it’s lowest, you can see a cock below the tap. Turn it while you can, you might need more tries. As soon as the water stops flowing, flush again. Another cock is now reachable and when turned, an opening is made in the container. Go through the hole.

Another reservoir. Turn the three little cocks until the red pointers are in one line. They must be completely vertical. Turn the big wheel to raise the stop and flush the reservoir. You can select the hole above the other ladder to go there.

Click the quarter hanging on the rope to insert it into the machine. Then click the top button to open the door and to make a robot appear. Take the wrench from the robot and loosen the three small nuts. Give the wrench back to the robot and it’ll return. Take the quarter out and put it back in and now select the bottom button. The robot appears again, this time with a bigger wrench. Loosen the last nut from the machine and it will open. Take the band from the wheels and there’s confusion above you.

As soon as the hatch above you opens you’ll crawl all the way back to where you found the flashlight. Climb the ladder to see the supply of fruit. Pull the handle above the big basket to stop the supply. Empty the bucket by putting the fruit in the basket, one by one. When it’s empty select the bucket again to climb in and you’re transported to another room.

Chapter 5:

[note: reloading this level after having played it once will not reset the game properly, making it unable to take the sausage again. Close the application and restart, then enter the code for this level]

Take the sausage  that keeps the dog running and put it on the other side on the skeleton. The fan will rotate the other way, sucking the hat  up. As soon as the alien tries to get his hat back, push the button he’s holding.  That will release you. Once on the ground again,  walk behind the chair and push the chair towards the TV-set.  The alien will push the button again and be a victim of his own actions. A key will drop to the floor. Pick up the key and use it on the tredmill. The dog’s free. Push the button near the door and you’re on your way back home.

When you’ve crashed, click on the space shuttle to continue.

Chapter 6:

Click on the dog to get him from under his chute. Click on the pole your hanging on to make the dog push the pole. Now it’s the combination of pushing the pole and swinging by clicking on yourself that should eventually get you down. Then wait for the butterfly to rest a little on the pot. Click on the butterfly, click on the flowerbud on the branch on the right so it will open and the butterfly will rest on it. Click on the little bug and put it on the flowerbud making it crawl over the just created leaf.  It will land on it’s mothers belly, making her turn over.  Click on the mother bug to ride to the next level.

Chapter 7:

Click on the man. He wants his pipe. It must be taken by the bird. Take one of the nuts from the hat and hang them on the branch opposite of the bird. When the bird leaves the nest to get the nut, click on the nest. This will get the pipe out. Give the pipe to the man. Now he wants his tobacco pouch. Click on the base of the trunk he’s sitting on and the dog will fetch.

That’s one angry hedgehog. Behind him in the hay is the pouch. Click on it to make it more visible. Click on the flower behind you. It will grow a bit because you watered it. Click on it again. Oops. We’re dry. Go to the water and drink from it. Back again to the flower to water it. Once more to the water and once more on the flower. Now we can see a bone. Give the bone to the hedgehog. That’ll keep him busy. Take the pouch and leave the burrow. Give the pouch to the man. Oncew the firefly is free, click it to go to the next level.

Chapter 8:

Enter the lighthouse. Open the cupboard and turn the cock to fill the kettle with water. Pour some coffee in the kettle and put the kettle on the light of the lighthouse. Once it boils, pull the cord on the left side of the lighthouse to make the cabdrive open his mouth. Take the kettle from the fire and pour it into his mouth. That will keep him awake for a while. Put the kettle back in the cupboard.

Leave the lighthouse and click on the tank near the taxi. Right of the pump on the spout is a balloon. Take it and click on the mountain to the left of the lighthouse.

On the mountain, click on the spout to the left of the pump. Put your balloon on it. Then take a grass stem and use it to tickle the nose of the seal sleeping on the right.  It’ll make him sneeze and the fork to be launched. It’ll land on the bucket. Now comes the timing part: use the fork to scoop food from the bucket into the trough. A seal will come to eat and you must turn the gears on the left to get the shower head over the seal. Once there’s an air-bubble in the showerhead use the pump on top of the mountain. Repeat this three times until the balloon is filled. Then take the balloon and return to the lighthouse. Take the balloon and put it on the tank with the pump.

Another timing part. Climb onto the rear of the taxi and click on yourself to jump. The taxi will lower a bit. Pull the pump so the air from the balloon will go into the tank. Once the balloon is empty, use the bellows to pump the hot air into the taxi. Like said, timing is crucial.

As soon as the taxi is ready, pull the cord to signal the taxidriver and he’ll take you home.

Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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