You need to get out of your cell.

Take the PILLOW from your bed. On the frame is a SPRING that you can take as well. There’s a crack in the wall. Talk to the crack to find out who’s in the cell next to you but there’s not much sense coming from it. Make sure you ask him how long he’s been there. Walk south and talk to the guard next to your cell. Find out more about the boss, your location, your destiny and then tell the guard that you’re hungry. He’ll bring you some food.

Pick up the TRAY, the KNIFE, the SPOON and the bowl with SOUP. Walk south and talk to the guard again. Ask how long Dr. Fruitloop has been there and the guard will mention flowers that grow in his cell and the effect is has on everyone. Leave the guard and talk to Mr. Merlin through the crack. Talk about the flowers and ask him to give you a FLOWER. Put the flower in the soup and walk south to the guard.

When the guard is not using his canister, use the soup with the can and when the guard drinks it, he’ll pass out. Back in your cell, use the knife with the SCREW to get it out of the bed. Then take the LEG from the bed. In your inventory use the spring with the leg to create a hook. Walk south and use the hook to get the KEYS from the guard. Use the keys with the bars to get out of your cell.

The keys were on a wooden panel. Take the PANEL from the wall. Use the guard to get his DAGGER. Walk to the left to leave the cells and find a huge door that’s locked. Use the hook from your inventory with the skull above the door to reveal a secret passage. Go through the opening.

There are windows in the room but you need something to climb down. On the north wall is a door. Use it to get into a laundry room. On the floor are dirty SHEETS. Pick them up. The door of the washing machine is stuck so use the dagger on the door to break both. You can take the SHEETS out of the machine. Walk back to the right. In your inventory use the screw with the panel and use the combination on the weak spot on the wall next to the door. Then tie both sheets together in your inventory and tie them to the panel. Use the rope to climb down.

Walk to the south and then through the passage in the north. Through the spyhole comes some light. Look through to find the villains on the other side of the door. Take the HOSE from the wall and walk back through the passage on the right. Walk south back to where you climbed down and take the exit on the left. Walk left again to find some items: a FLOWER in a glass case, an empty BOTTLE and a box of MATCHES. Throw the case with flower out of the window to smash the case.

Walk south, enter the corridor and use the sheets to climb back up again. Use the spoon with the puddle of LIQUID to fill the bottle. It appears to be kerosene. Use the sheets to climb down again. Walk south and go through the exit on the left to reach a kind of living room.  Use the liquid from your inventory with the wood in the fireplace and then use the match to light the fire. Walk north through the corridor where you find the FLOWER again. Pick it up.

Use the hose with the chimney and use the other end of the hose on the hole in the roof. Walk south back into the passage and put the flower in the fireplace. The villains will go insane. Walk to the lower left corner of the room and use the huge metal door on the north wall. The alarm will go off but no one will hear it.

Walk to the south  and then through the arched opening in the wall. Outside the castle there’s a path leading south across the cliff. Take the path and once you’re down, use the button at the bottom to let the castle rumble. Walk to the alcove in the center of the screen to discover another secret passage. Walk north into the passage and at the pier use the rope to take the boat.

On the beach, take the PEG and ROPE from the boat and walk to the left to see a map of the island. Select the town square on it. Use the barrel to get a rotten TOMATO from it. Use the door north to enter the police station and talk to the police officer. Tell him everything and learn all about Galan. When you ask the officer what to do next, he’ll tell you to find Nassal. He’ll also give you an ID CARD.

Walk to the right to leave the station and walk to the man behind the table. You can talk to Justin but he can’t tell you much and won’t sell you anything. Walk to the right and use the ladder to climb the bell tower. Upstairs look down outside the window to see Justin below. In your inventory use the peg and rope with the hook. Use the tomato with Justin  and as soon as he walks away, use the rope and hook on the STAPLER and the CAMERA.

Look up again and walk to the right to leave the tower. Keep walking to the right, past the fairground until you see the map. Choose the docks on it. Give the ID Card to the sailor. He’ll tell you to go to Solstice. But you can’t use the ship until you help the sailor. Walk to the left to return to the map.

On the map walk south of town (bottom of screen) and walk into the cave behind the waterfall. There’s a crate. Use the camera with the crate to take a PICTURE.  Walk left to leave the cave and follow the path to the right to return to the map. Select the town square, use the door of the police station to enter and give the photo of the crate to the police officer.

When the police officer is gone, use the desk to get his KEYS and walk north to find the locker room. Use the keys with the locker. All you can find inside is a bag with GUNPOWDER. Walk south to leave the lockers and to the right to exit the police station. Keep walking to the right until you reach the map and select the docks again. Use the gunpowder with the sailor and walk to the left to return to the map.  Select the cliff to return to the fairground.

Talk to the man next to it to play the game. You need to shoot at targets and get a high score to win a prize (or press space bar to cheat and bypass the shooting). Your prize is a ball of TWINE. In your inventory use the twine with the stapler to tie them to the tray. On the right side of the stall is a red peg. Use the tray with the peg and talk to the man of the stall to have another go at the shooting. This time, don’t aim for the white targets but hit the peg. That will take care of the sailor.

Walk to the right to leave the fairground and on the map select the docks. Walk north to enter the ship and sail home.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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