You fell off the roof.

Walk to the left on to the streets of Reality. Use the door of the YahtzeeBrand store and see the damage the kittens caused. The shopkeeper doesn’t look too good either. Pick up the ROPE in front of the counter and use the rope on the lamp on the ceiling above the shopkeeper. Use the rope again to hoist the shopkeeper and pick him up to carry him  onyour shoulders.

Outside, meanwhile, a lot of kittens have gathered making it impossible for you to leave. Use the door on the building on the right, but they won’t let you in. Talk to the door and finally the let you in. While the shopkeeper is on the couch, talk to Vicks. Ask him what happened and what his plan is.

Leave Vicks and walk up the stairs. You’ll hear a sound that seems to come from the bathroom. Use the blue door in front of you to enter the bathroom and see more kittens. There’s one in the window. Pick up the TOILET ROLL and throw the toilet roll to the kitten. It’ll be knocked out on the floor. Pick up the KITTEN and leave the bathroom. Use the green door on the right to enter Davy’s room.


Talk to Davy and exchange information. He’ll tell you about the device Elandra is making and the chicken crisps that might be the cause. He’ll tell you to get the crisps. Use Davy’s desk and get the roll of TAPE from it. Leave the room and walk to the south. Next to the ladder to the attic is a SCREWDRIVER. Pick it up and walk down the stairs. Walk south into the kitchen.

Talk to Biggs and learn more about what’s happened. But he can’t help you. Use the sink to find a SPOON in there. Open the cupboard under the sink to find it stuck. Try to use the screwdriver on it and it’s too oily. Use the screwdriver with the sink to wash the oil and try the cupboard again but this time the screwdriver is too wet. Leave the kitchen and use the screwdriver on the couch to dry.

Walk back into the kitchen and use the screwdriver on the cupboard again. This time it’s too broken. Use the tape in your inventory on the screwdriver and try the fixed screwdriver on the cupboard again. This time it’ll open and you can take the CRISPS out.

Leave the kitchen and walk up the stairs. Go south and climb the ladder to the attic. Talk to Elandra and she’ll tell you about the catapult. Give here the bag of crisps and tell her the theory. When you ask if you can help, she wants you to get a beam with a cupping on one end. Give her the spoon and she’ll tell you to go to Davy to enlarge the spoon. Go down the ladder and walk south.

Use the green door to go to Davy and give him the spoon. Leave the room again and go up the ladder. Give the spoon to Elandra and she’ll ask you to build the catapult. Put the big spoon on the coil and put the bag of crisps on it. Then Vicks and Biggs enter and try to stop you. Show the kitten in your inventory to Vicks and you’ll scare him. But then you’ll get a scare yourself…

In the forest walk to the left to find the mayor and the omni-kitten.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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