Escape from the cell:

Look at the clock, it’s dinner time. Food will be served. Pick up the FOOD. Look at the food in your inventory to find the FORK in it. Take the bar of SOAP from under the mirror and in your inventory use the bar of soap on the fork. Use the fork on the lower left brick in the back wall to pry it out. Take the HACKSAW out of the hole and use it on the barred window.

Escape from the office:

Use the desk to open a drawer. Take the GREEN BOOK, the RED BOOK and the PHOTOGRAPH to find a KEY underneath. Look at the file cabinets on the left. The middle one on the left holds yours. Use the key on the cabinet to open the drawer and look at your own file. Take the PAPERCLIP from it and use the paperclip on the keyhole in the door on the far right to unlock it. Then use the door to go outside.

Escape from the hall:

You can’t get past the guard without being seen. Open the circuit box on the wall and switch the circuit breaker to power off the lights. Then use your teeth (talk) on the green wire in the corner to cut it. This will knock out the guard.

Escape the guards:

Search the guard to get his KEYS. Use the keys to open the door on the right side of the guard and get into the storage room. On the shelves on the left is a chainsaw. It’s out of gas but around it is a BIKE TUBE. Take it. Also pick up the BRICK from the bottom shelf on the right. Use the brick to smash the glass on the left and take the HACKSAW behind it.

Take the brick from the cabinet you just smashed and walk to the right to leave the room. Walk to the left and use the white door to return to the office. In the cabinet next to the door, which you can open with the hacksaw, you can find the LIBRARY CARD and the CHLOROFORM. Take both. Leave the room through the door again and use the library card on the door to the right of the circuit box. Use that door to enter the laundry room.

Take the BEDSHEETS from the basket and the SCISSORS and the HAMMER from the wall. In your inventory use the scissors on the bedsheets to cut a RAG off. Leave the room and enter the office on the left again. Walk to the left and use the hacksaw on the barred window. Use the bedsheet on the opened window to realize it’s too short to climb down. Leave the office on the right and enter the laundry room again.  Take all the other BEDSHEETS and in your inventory tie them together.

Leave the room and walk all the way to the right. Use the keys on the door and enter to find the guard sleeping. Look at the book on his lap. It’s about the security system. You’d like to have this book. There are two ways to knock out the guard:

1: – In your inventory use the rag with the chloroform. Put the rag on the guard and he’ll sleep a bit longer.

2: – Use the hammer twice on the head of the guard.

Pick up the BOOK and look at the book in your inventory. You’ll take a PAGE out. Look at the page to learn more about making a slingshot. Leave the security room on the left and walk all the way to the left. Enter the office on the left again. Tie the sheets to the window and you’ll climb down. Look at the wall near the spotlight to realize you need to distract the guard.

Take the SIGN out of the ground and in your inventory use the hammer on the sign to get the POLE and the NAILS out of it. Use the hacksaw with the sign to create a Y-shape. Use the pole with the shape to nail them together. Add the inner tube to the frame and you have a SLINGSHOT.

Take the slingshot and put it back in the hole where the sigh first was. Put the brick on the slingshot to knock out the guard. Walk to the right and use the hole to escape prison.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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