You need to get out of the cell.

Talk to the guard and tell him you’re hungry. He’ll put a loaf of bread in your cell. Pick up the BREAD and use the bed to get some rest. When you wake up, there’s a HAIR BAND on the floor. Pick it up and use the bed again to sleep some more. After waking up again, take the BONES from the bed.

Throw the bread against the cell wall and it will turn into crums in your inventory. Use the hair band with the crums in your inventory and you’ll shoot them across the room. This will lure the mouse out, showing you how to get out of your cell.

Talk to the rat and tell it you’re going to fight for freedom in the world. The rat will now follow you. Use the briefcase of the guard on the desk on the left to get the LEAFLET of Amsterdam, a box of MILK and a CREDIT CARD. Take the MOUSE HOLE from the wall, pick up the red TRASH CAN and use the box on the left at the desk below to find a CHAIN SAW. Use the box on the right to get your PIPE and your WHISTLE back.

Pick up the dog and leave the station at the lower right. Outside your credit card will be stolen again. Push the red button next to the door and take the load of BREAD again. Use the doors of the police station again and inside you can just see how the thief is locked in. Talk to him and ask for your card back. He won’t give it.

Leave the station on the lower right again and walk to the right. Behind the bus is a ROPE that you can pick up. There’s also a BANANA PEEL in the street. Take that as well. Look at the sewer lid to find something shiny. Use the lid to discover you can’t reach it but the mouse can fit through. Use the rope on the sewer to get the mouse and your CREDIT CARD back again.

Look at the carton of milk in your inventory to get the STRAW from it. Use the straw on the red car behind the bus and use the chainsaw on the car to fill it with petrol. Use the chainsaw on the traffic sign on the far left and then pick up the TRAFFIC SIGN. Use the chainsaw with the red car again to fill her up.

You want to contact the bus driver. But he’s asleep. Use the dog on the driver. Give the dog the bones and give the dog the red trash can. This will wake up the driver. Tell him to go to Holland. Use the credit card on the cash register and while driving, use the seats until you find a LIGHTER. Pick it up and talk to the driver. Keep talking to the driver until you annoy him and you’re kicked from the bus.

Use the no entry sign in the hole in the middle of the road and the traffic will stop. Walk to the right and enter the wigwam. Pick up the BOOK on the right and use it on yourself to read it. Walk south to leave the tent and talk to the moon. Walk further north there and walk up the ladders until you reach the top. Walk to the right and take the SHOE from the broken railing. Look at the shoe in your inventory to find the WIRE. Use the shoe on yourself to wear it.

Walk through the open railing on the right to fall down and find another SHOE below. Pick it up as well and use it on yourself to wear it. Walk south to return to the field under the moon and enter the supermarket next to the wigwam. Use the buttons to call the elevator and use the panel in the elevator to see it closer. Push 999 to reach the fireworks department. Walk to the right where you’ll find a big rocket. Use the lighter on the rocket to send it off and walk back to the elevator on the left.

Use the panel in the elevator and go to floor -666. You’re in hell and the gate’s closed. Talk to the rat and he’ll let you in. Walk into the cave on the right and north through the mouth of the statue. You’ll stand in front of three doors, each with a symbol above the door. Use the book from your inventory and see which symbol represents the letters  This mean you have to select 16 doors, all representing the symbols you can translate in the book. The symbols are place random above the doors but pick up the NEWSPAPER along the way and look at the newspaper in your inventory. Then continue the journey:  pick up the bags of MONEY and  pick up the SKULL. After door 16 you should be on a beach.

Talk to the mermaid on the island and walk to the right to meet the devil. Talk to the devil and he’ll tell you the floor number of the mushroom department. Note the number, it’s random. Use your banana peel with the ones already on the floor and walk south to return to the beach. Walk left twice to return to the elevator and use the panel to select a floor number. Enter triple zero to return to the ground floor.

Walk to the wigwam on the right and show the money bag to Sam. He’ll make a rabbit appear. Catch the RABBIT and leave the wigwam. Walk to the supermarket on the left and use the panel of the elevator. Enter the number you got from the devil. You’ll visit the mushroom department.

Talk to Stan and ask if he wants to step aside. Look for the mushroom mentioned in the newspaper and take that mushroom. The rabbit will make sure you’ll get the MUSHROOM. Back in the elevator press triple zero to go to the ground floor and walk south to leave the supermarket. Walk to the left and use the garbage container in the alley to open it.  There’s a pig popping out of the blue bucket. As soon as he does, give the mushroom to him. The GENERATOR PIG will jump straight into your pocket.

Look at the pig in your inventory and you’ll get a PLAN. Use the chainsaw on the damper in the lamp post next the the container. Walk to the right and enter the supermarket again. Use the panels of the elevator and go to level -999.   You’ll end up at the aquarium. Walk through the turnstile on the right and you’ll jump over it. Talk to the saw fish swimming in the tank. Talk to the fish until he’s accepting your help and swaps your chain saw for a FIRE STATION.

Walk to the left, then south to leave the aquarium and press tripe zero in the elevator to go back to the ground floor. Walk south to exit the supermarket and use the fire station on the side of the building to extinguish the fire. Use the top of the streetlamp next to the fire engine to climb the ladder and at the top use the wire you found in the shoe on it to connect it to the wigwam.

Put the generator pig on top of the lamp and you have power again. Get down the ladder, walk into the wigwam and see it’s 8 o’clock. The blanket store will now open. Leave the wigwam and follow Sam to the left to the blanket shop. Enter the shop, talk to Sam and buy an blanket. Give him the bag with cash or the credit card (you don’t get the freebies anyway) and you’ll get the ELECTRIC BLANKET.

Leave the shop on the south and walk to the damper you’ve opened earlier. Use the damper to see the switches that look similar to the plan you took from the pig. To make sure there’s power, number the handles at the bottom from left to right from 1 to 9 and switch 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 up, leave the others down. You now have yellow power.

Use the blanket on the socket and leave the damper. Walk into the alley left of the shop.  Use the doormat in front of the box to find a key underneath and then pick up the KEY. Put the blanket into the box and the bum will enter his house. Use the key on the padlock until it’s clamped. Leave the alley and see how the box is removed. Return to the alley and find the Holy Grass Grail in the back. Use the grail to have a closer look and see three words on it.

Turn the top dial to “Becher”, leave the middle one on “full” and turn the bottom one to “dich”. Push the plant symbol and the grail will be filled with MARIJUANA. Take it from the grail and leave the grail and the alley. Walk to the right and north to the ladder under the moon. Walk up the ladder all the way to the top. In your inventory put the marijuana in the pipe and use the lighter on the pipe. Then use the pipe on yourself to make a trip.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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