[Note: I played the VIC20 version of this game.]

You’re in a forest. You can see loads of trees and you can go in any direction.

GO EAST  to a sunny meadow. There’s a dragon sleeping here so we better be quiet. There’s also a weird sign with something about mud. GO EAST again and you’re on the shore of a lake.

You can see water and a golden fish. There’s also a rusty axe with a magic word on it. GET AXE and GO NORTH to a quick sand bog. You’re stuck now.  A small statue can be found here. GET OX  and SAY BUNYON to free yourself from the quicksand. You can now SWIM to the shore. Oops.. did you read the sign?


GO SOUTH to the edge of a bottomless hole. When you LOOK HOLE you can see there’s something but not quite what. GO HOLE to step onto a ledge just below the edge. You can now see flint and steel. GET FLINT. If you’re tempted to go down: don’t. GO UP and GO WEST to a smelly, slimy swamp with trees and biting chiggers. If they bite you, TAKE MUD and DROP MUD to disinfect the bites. Quickly GO WEST again to  a hidden grove. It’s Paul’s place.

Your inventory is back here so TAKE AXE and TAKE OX. Furthermore there’s jeweled fruit so TAKE FRUIT as well. GO EAST back  to the swamp and CLIMB TREE. You’ll find a spider web here and a key ring. TAKE KEYS and READ WEB. It’s says you have to chop her. So GO DOWN and CHOP TREE.

The tree appears to be hollow. You don’t need the axe anymore so DROP AXE and GO STUMP to see what’s inside. There’s a bottle of water and a sign that says “Leave treasures here”. So this is a good place to DROP OX (7/100) and DROP FRUIT (15/100). There’s a brass lamp here and when you TAKE LAMP and then RUB LAMP a genie will appear and drop a diamond ring. Now that’s an easy find (23/100). Let’s RUB LAMP again and this time the same happens: a genie appears and drops a diamond bracelet (30/100).

Let’s not get greedy because it will work against us. GO DOWN under the stump and you’ll find a pot of rubies.  TAKE RUBIES and to save inventory and since you’re very close to the drop-off point  GO UP again. DROP RUBIES to the pile of treasures (38/100). GO DOWN back under the stump and GO HOLE. You’re in a root chamber with a locked door.

UNLOCK DOOR and since you don’t need the keys anymore, DROP KEYS. Then GO HALL. My goodness it’s dark but you’re carrying a brass lamp so LIGHT LAMP and you’ll see that you’re in a sloping hall. GO DOWN into a large cavern and from here you can go in all directions. GO SOUTH into the royal anteroom to find an empty wine bladder. TAKE BLADDER and GO UP into the royal chamber. There’s a blocked window here that you can’t go through. GO DOWN and  GO NORTH back to the cavern.

GO UP into the sloping hall, GO UP to the dark hole by the root chamber. GO UP into the root chamber and GO UP into the damp hollow where the goodies are. GO UP once more into the swamp where you find swamp gas. Now that you have a container (wine bladder) you can TAKE GAS and GO STUMP to return into the tree.

GO DOWN under the stump and GO HOLE through the dark hole in the root chamber. Through the open door you can GO HALL into the hallway and GO DOWN into the cavern. GO SOUTH in to the royal ante room and GO UP into the royal chamber where you found the blocked window. DROP BLADDER and LIGHT GAS. This will blow up the bladder and unblock the window.

Now that there’s a hole in the window, GO HOLE onto a narrow ledge above a chasm. You can see the throne room on the other side. JUMP towards the throne room and you’ll end up on the ledge on the other side. Here you can see a magic mirror but also a black bear.

To get past the bear, YELL so he’ll fall off the ledge. Now you can TAKE MIRROR. Enter the room with GO THRONE and find the crown. TAKE CROWN and GO WEST back onto the ledge. JUMP back to the other side and GO WEST into the royal chamber. There are loose fire bricks so TAKE BRICKS and GO DOWN into the royal ante room.

GO NORTH into the cavern and GO UP into the hall. GO UP again into the semi-dark hole in the root chamber and GO UP once more to reach the root chamber. GO UP one last time into the hollow stump where your treasures are. DROP CROWN (46/100) but keep hold of the mirror for now. If you drop it, it will shatter.

TAKE BOTTLE and GO DOWN back into the root chamber. GO HOLE in the root chamber and since you can only carry so much, DROP FLINT. Then GO HALL to enter the sloping hall. GO DOWN into the cavern and GO DOWN into a maze of pits. There’s a useful hint here for later. GO DOWN further into the pit and GO WEST where you can see one of the previous visitor’s signature. GO DOWN  even further and find what that visitor left behind. TAKE RUG and follow the sign: GO DOWN.

You’re now at the bottom of a chasm and it looks like it’s the one you jumped earlier. The bear you pushed of the cliff earlier is here as well. There’s a lot. There’s a net here so TAKE NET and read the sign, the part that’s readable anyway.

A stream of lava prevents further exploration so BUILD DAM with the firebricks then DROP BRICKS into the stream. If you want to TAKE FIREBRICKS then you’ll notice these are too hot (duh). POUR WATER over the bricks and TAKE FIREBRICKS again. They are now turned into a treasure.

To leave the chasm, say the magic word: SAY AWAY and you’ll fly into the maze of pits. SAY AWAY again and you’ll end up in the meadow. Follow the hint you got earlier: UNLIGHT LAMP since it’ll only last a certain amount of time and if you don’t need it, just turn it off.

GO SOUTH and GO STUMP to be reunited with the treasures. DROP FIRESTONE (53/100) then DROP RUG  (61/100) and finally DROP MIRROR (69/100). Make sure you drop the rug before the mirror! You’ll get another secret message.

GO UP into the swamp and GO EAST to the edge of a bottomless hole. GO NORTH to the lake. Since you’ve still got the net, you can get the fish but you want it alive so GET WATER and then CATCH FISH. Return  to the pit with GO SOUTH and GO WEST to the stump. GO STUMP and DROP FISH (76/100) and DROP NET (84/100).

GO UP back to the swamp and GET MUD. The GO STUMP to return to the treasures. GO DOWN into the root chamber. GO HOLE and before you go further. GET FLINT. With this you can LIGHT LAMP and DROP FLINT again. With the lamp lit you can GO HALL.

GO DOWN into the large cavern and GO NORTH into a tunnel. There’s buzzing ahead. GO NORTH into a eight-sided room and find honey. TAKE HONEY and POUR WATER to empty the bottle. Now you can TAKE BEES in the bottle.

GO SOUTH back into the tunnel and GO SOUTH into the cavern. GO UP Into the sloping hall and GO UP into the hole of the root chamber. GO UP once more to the root chamber and GO UP into the stump. GO UP a final time into the swamp.

If the mud hasn’t dried off yet, DROP MUD and GO NORTH to the sleeping dragon. DROP BEES and they will attack the dragon who will fly away. GET EGGS and GO SOUTH to the swamp. GO STUMP to the treasures and DROP HONEY (92/100) and DROP EGGS (100/100). To finish the game type SCORE.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. This was an awesome walk-through! I did have a little trouble though, as the game I was playing was a little different to the original (I think).
    Some people like to try and figure out how to beat the game, and I understand that, its just I don’t like to have to work to enjoy the game. So I read through the parts that I couldn’t figure out (which admittedly, was a lot) and I finally finished the game!

    Thank you!

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