You’re on the northpole. You can only go north or east. Let’s go east. There’s a LAMP. Pick it. Go east again. A bear. A polar one to be more precise. Talk to the bear. Nothing useful until you talk about the queen. A depressed fat bear. Suggest the crash diet. It’ll give you a FISHING ROD. Go north. There’s a COMPASS. Read the tree. North again. A big rock. Go east. A penguin. But it’ll only help if it has some fish. Go twice to the west.

There’s the cave the penguin mentioned. But you can’t enter with an unlit lamp. Again to the west. The sea! Now where there’s sea, there’s fish. Use the rod in the sea. Nothing? We’ll you can’t expect to catch a fish with one try. Try again and again and again until….. you caught a FISH (In salt water they always hide in the northern parts).  Three screens back to the east. Give the fish to the penguin. You’ll get DYNAMITE in return. Three screens to the west and one south. Now you can go the west as well. The rock has cracks. But these cracks can get much bigger!

Use the dynamite on the rock and you’ll be rewarded with a PICKAXE. Go two screens to the east. There was a hole in the ice, but frozen again. Use the pickaxe on the hole. You struck oil! Take the oil. The lantern will be automatically lit. Go north.

There’s the cave again. Since your light is burning, you can enter the cave. On the table is a map. Look at the map. Take the compass and hold it on the map. See where we’re going? (S)outh, (E)ast, (E)ast, (N)orth. Leave the cave and go east twice. Then go north through the trees (yes, there is a path, but covered with snow..)

Mission accomplished.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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