You want to head over to the Ometa Bar to see the live performance of Audrey and Rasputin.

Walk to the lower left to see the map and select the Ometa Bar on the far right.  Talk to Audrey and Rasputin standing outside and ask them why they’re not inside. They’ll tell you about the complications. Ask them about the stories from their tours. Enter the bar and talk to Kim behind the bar.

Tell her it’s quiet in the bar and ask her if Audrey and Rasputin are playing. Kim will tell you about the goon and his paper saying they can’t. Ask Kim what she’s drinking and she’ll open a bottle. Talk to Jared and ask him about his business. Ask him about the proof and he’ll show you a LETTER, a motion signed by the mayor. But you sense it’s a fake so you need to investigate.

Leave the bar on the left and return to the map on the lower left. Go to the Grill on the far left. There’s the mayor but she looks like in a kind of trance. Talk to her to realize she’s not responding at all. You really need to talk to her. Ring the bell on top of the food display and Laurence will pop up. Talk to him about the mayor and he’ll tell you about the Fat Coma. Ask him if you really have to wait that long.  No chance you’ll talk to her unless you can let her smell something strong  and play her the right note. Oh well..

Leave Laurence and go to the map on the left. Go back to the Ometa Bar and talk to Laurence about the stories. Listen carefully what he says. Enter the bar and look at the menu on the bar. Ask Kim for a drink. Ask her more about all the varieties and learn what’s in each cocktail and learn that the mango is in the . Order the Tangy Timewarp and ask for an extra shot of ouzo. She’ll make you the COCKTAIL. Leave the bar on the left and return to the map on the left.

Select the Grill and hold the cocktail under the mayors nose. That did the trick… for the first part. Now to play the right note. Take a sample from the table next to the mayor and learn that it’s FAT ON A STICK. Now to find someone to play the right note. Leave the Grill to go back to the map and select the caravan location.

Talk to Damon and ask him about resonance frequencies. He’ll tell you all about it. Show him the fat on a stick and ask for the frequency of fat. He’ll help you. But since his hands are full, he’ll hum and you need to tell him when it starts vibrating. So as soon as you see the stick shake (or actually, the screen), click to tell him. He’ll tell you it’s F-Sharp.

Look at the bag of instrument next to the caravan and ask Damon if there’s an F-Sharp instrument in it. You can take the strange shaped HORN. Leave the caravan and go to the map. Select the Grill location and play the horn to the mayor. That made the fat move! Talk to the mayor and ell her about the problem in the Ometa Bar. She’ll ask for the document so show her the letter. It’s indeed a fake. You have to tell Jared.

Walk to the left to see the map and select the Ometa Bar. Enter the bar and talk to Jared; he’ll leave. You can now inform Audrey and Rasputin that they can play. Leave the bar and talk to Rasputin. He’ll tell you about the broken instruments so they need to be fixed: a string for the bass and a tambourine.

Take the NAILS lying on the floor next to the door and go back into the bar. Take the BOTTLE CAP from the bar and leave again. Walk to the left to see the map. Visit the caravan again and take the PLIERS from the box behind Damon. Leave the scene and go to the radio station.

Next to the wheel is a cable. Use the pliers on it to untangle the CABLE from the wheel. Look at the bottles and find another  BOTTLE CAP. Enter the station and look in the trash can on the right. There’s a third BOTTLE CAP. Leave the station and go to the map. Select the Omega Bar and give the cable to Audrey to use as string. But it need to be boiled first.

Go to the map and go to the grill. In front of the food display is a BASKET. Pick it up and in your inventory make a nice tambourine: add the bottle caps to the basket and add the nails to fix them. Give the cable to Laurence and he’ll boil it for you… well, sort of. Return to the map and go to the Ometa Bar. Give the cable to Audrey again and give the tambourine to Rasputin. Time to tell Kim that the show can go on.

Enter the bar and talk to Kim. But you can’t stay to watch, there’s a radio show to do. Back at the station there’s some less good news….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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